I simply had to try it. It’s a nice little bike and simple to ride; full throttle-shift-full throttle-shift-full throttle, and so forth. It’s fast in the sharp curves, but 13bhp does only so much. But if I had a bike like this when I where sixteen, I would have gone nuts about it.
First impression rating: First impression rating 1/5 helmets
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6 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: Honda CBR125R”

  1. Jesper  July 27th

    Don’t let the low rating fool you. If a 125cc bike is your game, this should be one your short list.

    Rating is just compared to the other motorcycles i’ve tried. Pretty lame comparison I know.

  2. Howard  March 11th

    I saw be reviewing this bike on my blog: http://prmeasure.blogware.com.

  3. Arctic_Moose  March 3rd

    Two summers ago a friend of mine convinced this lady to let us try her brand new cbr125. I only had a short ride on it but it was pretty much how Jasper describes it. Rev to at least 8 grand to get’er going, very light bike I’m 6′ 180 lbs it pulled along o.k. and i didn’t feel to cramped. Definitely a good starter for smaller person m/f.

  4. Jimbo  June 30th

    Sound like fun.

  5. Claris Clairday  April 12th

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  6. Blist  October 5th

    hi there i’ve just recently replaced my engine and i cant seem to remember where everything goes please could someone email me help like pictures or a manual

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