An awesome bike, no wonder it’s so popular. I think the riding position is a little odd though. It’s like the shape of the tank prevents your thighs from getting a firm grip on the bike, which makes you slide forward when braking or down shifting. But the V2 engine is definitely a keeper. Put that engine in the chassis of the 2004 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer and I would consider swapping it for my Honda, (Almost that is). Besides the tank issue you could have tons of fun on the SV650, and in my point of view, the naked version is the only way to go.

First impression rating: First impression rating 3/5 helmets
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5 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: Suzuki SV650N K4”

  1. Dave  April 22nd

    I had a 2001 SV650s. The S version is O.K. if you get a taller windscreen from Zero gravity. The engine vibrates far less than a 919 and has adequate power. The brakes are marginal being two piston and requiring quite a bit of hand pressure, but they work O.K..
    The naked version has lower pegs and of course the higher bars. The S version is pretty uncomfortable to ride very far. Probably the naked version with a decent fairing installed could provide a better and more attractive motorcycle than the S version I had with the ugly fairing with weird and not so good lights. The 919 light is better than an older SV650S’ lights.
    Probably perfomance-wise there’s not much difference between a 919 and an SV650. The SV sounds better. The 919 at first reminded me of riding a sewing machine after the SV. The SV S had no ground-clearence problems, unlike the 919 which does to a degree, but that’s the comprimise between sportiness and comfort. The steering input of the 919 is better than what I would call nebulous, regarding the SV’s feeling on the road.
    V twins lock up the rear wheel easier than fours when downshifting I’ve noticed.

  2. jason  February 12th

    hi, thanks for your comments – I’m currently riding a suzuki bandit 250. Its great, but you have to ‘wring its neck’ to get decent performance. I am looking to upgrade to a sv650n. I like the idea that they have plenty of low and mid range power and DO NOT do 260 km/hr, i want to keep my licence!! cheers jason

  3. skelly  June 13th

    I’ve had a K7 SV650S for the last 7 or 8 months and it’s an absolute hoot. I can’t agree with Dave’s comments on the looks, as this is only a personal preference, but I do 60 miles a day at motorway speeds, and any bike without a fairing (of some description) would make the ride almost unbearable. I’ve found that the brakes could do with more power and the forks dive, but that’s because I’m riding it harder than I should. The engine is lovely, and although it won’t break the land speed record, I’ve had mine up to 145mph on a track. It’s a slim bike, thanks to the fact that it’s a v-twin and is really easy to ride. Don’t be fooled that this is a bike only for beginners. I’ve been riding for 25 years and I love it. It’s not the UK’s best selling street bike for no reason.

  4. Suzuki Kim  September 25th

    You 10000% would need a fairing in motor way travel. A lot of people think this bike is for the newbies of the motorbike world, but looks can be deceiving.

  5. Pedro  June 6th

    Did not like the journey, though I was sitting behind my friend. What to say? looks gorgeous but not rider’s friend 🙂

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