Speed_triple_tryoutI was going to wait with this review until I tried the new 05 Speed Triple, to compare the two, but it seems like it might be a month or two before I can get my hands on the 05 model. So here’s my opinion on the 2004 model. After riding it I had the impression that this bike is now what the “bonnie” must have been back in the days of the rebels James Dean and Marlon Brando. The mean attitude and the angry three cylinder roar from the Triumph racing can really bring out your inner rebel.

I was as close to switching from the Honda as I have ever been, totally impressed with the handling and the low rev pull of the Triumph. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and it turns a little quicker and sharper than the Honda. But in the end I decided that I couldn’t part my self of the Hornda just yet (especially now that I’ve just fitted it with Akrapovic cans and a power commander).

Speed_triple_kennethOne of the lads did fall in love with the Triple after the first stare in to those twin headlights and had to have one. He just picked it up from the dealer last weak and is working hard to restrain himself and hold the revs down while he get the first 1000km on the bike. The Speed Triple have earned it self the top spot on my short list of bikes to consider when the Honda isn’t fun any more. But I think it is going to be the 05 model, it’s a bit more up to date in the design and they say the engine runs even better. Can’t wait to try one.

First impression rating: First impression rating 4/5 helmets
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5 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: Triumph Speed Triple ’04”

  1. Peter V2  April 27th

    Tested the Speed Triple this weed with near identical impression. Midrange pull, deep growl and smooth engine underlines what a classic motorcycle is all about. Suspension is firm and dampers are spot on for blasting around corners. Wind protection, as would be expected, is mediocre.

  2. Jesper  May 1st

    Thank you for commenting, Peter.
    I’m looking forward to se how the bike performs on the track. The mate I wrote about who just got one, is comming with us to the Poznan track next week.


  3. barrett reece(aka big-B)  November 21st

    i own an 03 model which is the same as the 04 you tested. i have a power commander and a custom exhaust. it runs way better than stock and sounds amazing. I say you can’t beat the all around versitility of the triple cylinder engine, low end grunt mixed with top end scream. I won’t even start on its ability to hoist the front tire effortlessly with only minimal amounts of throttle input. I’ve rode alot of sportbikes, from yamaha R1 to gsxr1000. my triumph is definately down on power compared to the offerings from japan, but i like the exclusiveness of my triple,and who really needs that much power on the street anyway. triumph speed triple is a very good overall machine, from tearing up the canyons, sport touring, track days, stunting, I’ve had mine camping on mountain trails,and also have road on snowpacked roads several times.triumph fan for life.

  4. barrett reece(aka big-B)  November 21st

    oh by the way, the stock mirrors are hideous and some of the first stock components that should be replaced. I used just one bar end mirror on the left side, as this keeps a more tidy look, and works much better than getting a veiw of your shoulders like the stock mirrors.also the flyscreen is a must, although a bit pricey.

  5. Jesper  November 21st

    Yea, the speed triple is still on my short list. Although the new tiger, and the up coming street triple has my attention as well.

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