With the FZ6 Fazer, Yamaha have successfully created a smooth running and very functional motorbike. Almost as good as a Honda, if you want my “objective” opinion. Actually the bike runs so smooth and effortless that it almost becomes boring. It’s a super nice bike, but the fairing was a bit to “granddad” for me. I like to feel the wind when I’m riding, but luckily Yamaha makes a naked model of the bike called just FZ6. I saw a FZ6 (the naked model) last summer in France with some cool and simple aftermarket cans that looked quite beastly.

First impression rating: First impression rating 3/5 helmets
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17 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: Yamaha FZ6 Fazer.”

  1. bite-the-dust  September 7th

    I agree about the Yamaha FZ6. I also read somewhere that this fun and capable FZ6 has features like an aluminum frame, fuel injection, a protective half-fairing and a YZF-R6 derived motor. It could be had with the bargain price of $6499

  2. dave  November 1st

    The 07 model is so tight i love this bike this model I think is or was the bike of the year?


  3. Steve  February 12th

    I bought an ’05 FZ600 Fazer about six months ago and love it. It performs extremely well for the average rider and will know soon if there are any little annoyances when I take it on a week long trip. One thing I have to mention is that it is a noisy engine…I thought the valves required adjustment but having only 8,000 km’s on it and after talking to people who tune and own R6’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just a well performing, noisy motor.

  4. Jesper  February 12th

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Steve. Come to think of it, Yamaha have always been known for mechanical noisy engines and gear boxes, haven’t they. But as far as I know, they are rock solid and you’ll soon get used to the odd clonk! now and again.

  5. ulas SOLEY  May 25th

    this FZ6 Naked is one of the greatest one within the related bikes such as gsxr 600 etc..But in my mind noisy engine and gear box are typical for this bike and makes the differance when you compare to others so finally acceleration is excellent and as soon as you will get used that noisy engine you will like it in the end…from istanbul

  6. aaron  June 25th

    i have a 2006 fz6 and its got a pretty noisy engine, but its an awesome bike !

  7. Jesper  June 26th

    Yea, it’s more or less a Yamaha trait, but they ride absolutely perfect.

  8. FZ6 Exhausts  May 1st

    You’re right about the aftermarket cans. The standard ones are far too plasticky and polite. Switch them out for some performance end cans and a power commander and the bike’s transformed.

  9. David w  August 27th

    i have the FZ6 Fazer with leovince cans and it sounds fantastic even better with the db killer removed

  10. TÅ‚umiki motocyklowe  October 1st

    Fazer version S is a good bike for not long trips, i had this motorbike and sold it because it had not enough power. I bought Fazer 1000 and i am satisfied now

  11. bard  August 29th

    I bought a new FZ6 Fazer in 2008, I love the bike to death after I did a few mods on it. Got a rearset Arrow exhaust, Racetech suspension, power commander, galfer lines, Givi tourscreen and rack with boxes. I use it mainly for touring and it is super comfy to ride for long durations. Engine is powerful and fun to ride, rev it up and it moves. Go through heavy traffic and do it all really, even use it on track every now and again. For a one bike life 600 it’s great.

  12. kinderjit singh  January 16th

    From last 30 days i have to start it with running. My dealer didnt give me agressive solution for my bike. I told him to change my battery but coludn`t give me new battery.

  13. Jesper  January 17th

    That sucks, Kinderjit. But it keeps you fit ;-P

  14. YamahaWR125Fan  April 25th

    Nice Post !

  15. Robert Ahmed  July 27th

    i am a motorcycle fan and i am a collector too. motorcycles are really beautiful and a great mode of transport.`;~

  16. telecom book  August 5th

    I don’t like Yamaha, but you have a great article, will wait your review for another brand.

  17. Bathroom Lighting   October 13th

    i like to ride on fast motorcycles like the Ducati or even the fast bikes of Honda~’~

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