Take two wheels, an armchair, a huge Japanese V2 engine and a chimney, and you got yourself one bad power cruiser. At least Yamaha seems to think so, and so does Hollywood. If you watch the movie Torque the “bad” guy has one, and it’s so fast he can almost catch up with a jet engine powered bike. I found the bike pretty fast for a cruiser, but seriously folks…
The handling and riding position where quite good though. When I first gave the throttle a roll it felt faster then it was, at least so I thought. But as I returned the bike I noticed that the speedometer showed both Miles per Hour and Kilometres per Hour. So when I thought I was doing 80kmh I was really doing 130kmh. Ups! sorry about that Mr. Police. All in all I think it’s a nice bike, but it doesn’t beat the V-Rod…Do I mention the V-Rod allot? Maybe that bike is becoming an obsession to me.

First impression rating: First impression rating 2/5 helmets
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34 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: Yamaha XV 1700 Road Warrior.”

  1. Ztijnuh  March 23rd

    but after u compare the price of a Road Star Warrior with the price of a V-Rod… you’ll see that the 1670cc Warrior is a real nice one. i’m driving one now for 2 years, and i can’t get enough of it. Ofcourse i tried other motorcycles, like the v-rod and the MT-0S, but i gained the most pleasurable ride from my Warrior. ok, it’s a Jap-engine, but hey who cares about that πŸ™‚

  2. Jesper  March 23rd

    Yes indeed, you will most likely get most well functioning motorcycle for your money with the warrior. I think, of the Jap’s, Yamaha has always made the best alternative to Harley’s.

    But for some, The Milwaukee story caries a lot of weight. In terms of style HD is still king, at least concerning classic cruisers. Although Choosing between the warrior and the V-rod just by design, would be a though choice.

  3. nick ramirez  May 26th

    I ownen a 05 road worrior for two years and I relly like it.but it seems to back fire when I let off on the throttle. I have a vance and hines pipe. what can i do to solve this problem? I took it to the dealer four times and they seem to find anything wrong with my bike.all my friends laugh at me when it really back fires loud.

  4. jesper  May 27th

    Backfiring is usually a timing issue. But it might be in combination of a too rich mixture for your new pipes. If the Road Warrior has electronic fuel injection, you might want to put on a Power Commander or similar. Then have a pro tune it in on a dynojet to your V&H exhaust. That will fix it, its probably not cheap, but it will be worth it.

  5. CLAUD  June 7th

    im about to buy a warrior next week. it will be my first bike. i have heard nothin but good things about it.

  6. Jesper  June 7th

    God luck with it, Claud, have fun, and ride safe.

  7. Coolhand658  June 19th

    I own a 06 Warrior. I am looking to remove the bazooka exhaust and install a set of turned down daisy cutters. I am aware of the need for a power commander and I would like to install dual velocity stacks for better air and increased horses. Can someone direct me to a website where I can find / purchase exhaust and above parts?

  8. Jesper  June 21st

    I know that http://www.baronscustom.com/ have a lot of parts for metric cruisers. But other than that, Google is your friend. I just tried a search for “yamaha warrior exhaust” and there where plenty of results.

  9. prisoner  September 10th

    For any technical issues, or indeed anything to do with the warrior refer to http://www.rswarrior.com

  10. matthew  January 12th

    i currently own a 2007 road star warrior. i love everything about the bike. i was wondering if the parts such as the chrome downtube covers on the o4 and 05’s will fit an 07. aslo if the light bezil for the 03’s sold through yamaha will fit and o7.

  11. Chuck  May 6th

    Backfire is an emissions issue. They run a vapor line from the gas tank to the throttle body on all yamaha bikes. So they all back fire when you let off the gas. You can plug the tube or order a kit to do it right. Google it. It’s common but easy to fix.

  12. boban  December 29th

    I have 06 warrior and iam so happy with
    the bike I got 14 k miles I took off bazooka and I install a slip on muffler from baron sound very good and rear tire is 210 chrome wheels very nice

  13. Dave  May 1st

    Yes, All Yamaha’s have the AIS system for emisson control. Yamaha sells a AIS replacement kit for their bikes check with your local dealer. This should stop the backfiring

  14. tomba  June 23rd

    http://www.rswarrior.com for all warrior owners on the planet

  15. Piet B  July 21st

    2008 Warrior Midnight. The standard whiskey brewing drum dont backfire at all. When you run out of whiskey and you remove the drum for brewing purposes, and you replace it with what we call slashed pipes backfiring is inevitable due to the vapor line Chuck is referring to. Enjoy the sound and enjoy the benefits – in peak hour traffic everyone knows you coming and opens up for your and it shoots a beautiful spectacular blue flame at night time.

  16. jose  August 6th

    pacific coaststar makes an inexpensive kit for backfiring warriors,i just received but have not installed yet,dont want to waist time installing now,i will do over winter months.

  17. FIREBIRD  August 9th

    Hello, i have a 2003 warrior 1700, this is one sweeeet ride, this cycle is very easy to work on, thanks to rswarrior.com, the warrior is still number 1 for me, from jeff spokane valley

  18. Laney  September 4th

    I ride a 2007 Warrior it has a yamaha custom paint, mustang dual touring seats, BUB ehhaust, and rear peg lowering kit, i bought it new and yamaha imported it and made it uk spec for me, love it and cant get enough of it, would choose this over any harley on the market, Ride safe guys, Laney πŸ˜‰

  19. neil wheater  October 15th

    ive had my warrior for 5yrs best bike ive ever had,far better than my fat boy,meaner far more torque,faster,real bad attitude,fitted it with vance hinds,love it.

  20. Brendan  November 28th

    I have an 03 Warrior love the bike but have 2 issues 1 the low fuel light starts comming on whenever it wants also now the warrior is spluttering and stalling out, not fun on the freeway.its like it is starved for fuel is there a fuel filter??? somtimes it starts up again but the last time it would start for a short time splutter and then stop.
    Can anyone offer some proven advice,

  21. C.J.  January 31st


  22. neil wheater  April 22nd

    brendan it sounds like your fuel pipe has come loose it is under the chrome cover on the left of the engine it just clips on give it a good push it should sort it

  23. health  May 14th

    God luck with it, Claud, have fun, and ride safe.

  24. Neil in Indiana  July 13th

    To the fellow “CLAUD” who is buying the Warrior as his “first bike”:


    I have seen a few now … guys who get a sudden influx of cash or bonus or whatever and they have to have a bike. One case I remember the fellow did not, I’m sorry to say, live very long after the purchase. Whatever you do, PLEASE respect the machine. The Warrior is a monster. It’s big and heavy and it has power. If it gets away from you, it’s not gonna be very forgiving like a smaller, even off-road bike would do. I have been known to BEG guys I hardly knew to begin on a much smaller motorcycle, just to learn the envelope. If you accidentally step outside it, you have a better margin for forgiveness. On a monster, it’s not as easy. If this is your first ever motorcycle, I urge you to think very carefully before you decide on the monster. Good luck and God bless whatever you decide to do. πŸ™‚

  25. neil wheater  July 13th

    this guy is buying a warrior for his first bike?rip dude

  26. gdg079  August 17th

    Just wondering what the best saddlebags for my 2003 road warrior. Having trouble finding the right ones, with brackets for the bike aswell. Any suggestions

  27. Tony  September 1st

    Hey I’m selling my 2001 Yamaha XV road star warrior 1700. It’s got 6k, straight bars and a Venson Hines pipe $6,500. Let me know my email’s tonyq23@yahoo.com

  28. jeff  September 24th

    Hi ; bought myself a warrior just a few weeks ago
    my 11th bike so far and i can´t stop singing when i ride it

  29. alex  October 1st

    this is the warrior reunion in Portugal.
    Only 10 of those over here…


  30. tyler  December 3rd

    I own a 2007 road warrior its horible it runs rich it hard at turning and you can hardly rake the sobd if it was my choice i would sell it and git a bourgote.O and good luck with the shity leds and the damb back fire.Horible bike dont bye one

  31. Mike Clark  February 4th

    looking for a nice 06 or newer Warrior-msc72532@yahoo.com

  32. Arc  April 17th

    I want to see your your 2007 road warrior?

  33. cigars23  May 1st

    i qwn a 2008 with corba pipes nice riding machine its my first bike i love it if its ur first bike be careful its fast and i believe it handles excellent i am 50yrs old. my next bike will b a harely v rod but i am keeping the warrior 700 miles only

  34. tony simp  August 22nd

    i just got an 08. great fn bike but too quiet so i took off the mini keg. is that going to hurt anything and if so what next?

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