Motorcycle vanish video and how to put on a helmet

March 22nd, 2007 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Motorcycle vanish video and how to put on a helmet | View blog reactions

Behold as the good Mr. Copperfield makes a Harley Davidson Wide Glide vanish right before your eyes. The video must be from a Copperfield show in the late eighties, early nineties, because the bike is an Evo, today they’d probably use a Twincam. The amazing thing is not really the magic trick, which is basically pretty lame. Copperfield puts on dark visor helmet and disappears behind curtain, Copperfield double comes out and hides again with bike in smoke and fire, Copperfield reappears on identical bike among the audience; yawn!. No, the amazing thing is the tackiness, the opening sequence with the two birds handing Copperfield the helmet and jacket is pure gold. I’m going to put my helmet on like that from now on.

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