We all know Cannes, France, for it’s wealthy tourists and million dollar yachts that we’ve seen in the media during the film festival. But what about the motorcycle riders? Do they ride gold plated MV Agustas and Gucci themed choppers? I set out in downtown Cannes to find out.

There’s a road along side beach all the way through Cannes bay. I figured that’s probably where you’d go for a cruise so I decided to do it by foot and photograph the motorcycles I saw on my way. After a 4 hour walk in nicest October weather I’ve ever experienced this is what I learned.

Besides an insane amount of scooters I think I saw most motorcycles in line of the Honda Varadeo or equlivant e.g. Yamaha TDM.

Most common type of motorcycle in Cannes

Most common type of motorcycle in Cannes

That tells us people here don’t just ride motorcycles for recreation. Because of the warm climate a motorcycle is viable main transportation. That’s why you see a lot regular workhorse motorcycles. Bikes that are relatively cheap and has a broad usage range. Actually I think I saw way more fancy cars than fancy motorcycles.

There was a few not so common motorcycles here and there of course. The most unusual one being a Honda Dax rat bike chopper with a massive ape hanger and a rider that looked like something out of Mad Max. But of course I didn’t have my freaking camera out so I damn missed it. That’s when I started keeping it powered on the rest of the day. Here’s a few of the less common motorcycle I did manage to capture.

A pretty trick Hayabusa. The busa is also a popular bike in Cannes.

A pretty trick Hayabusa. The busa is also a popular bike in Cannes.

The only custom chopper I've seen here so far

The only custom chopper I've seen here so far

The creme de la creme of streetfighters

The creme de la creme of streetfighters

The new aniversary Yamaha V-Max

The new aniversary Yamaha V-Max

A Ducati that received the cabon treatment

A Ducati that received the cabon treatment

Below is a bunch of photos from the day. There’s a lot of motorcycles in Cannes in all size and shapes. In fact as I’m writing this from my hotel room, I can almost all the time hear a motorcycle out on the street. A sound we’ll never grow tired of. Tomorrow will be the first day of Ducati riding in Cannes and the surrounding area. Stay tuned for more.

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6 Responses to “The motorcycles they ride in luxurious Cannes, Southern France”

  1. HowardsCustoms  October 4th

    I just got back from the south of France myself and agree completely with what you have said here.

    A mind-numbing amount of scooters there. I think a bling chopper or at least a full custom bike shop would do very well here given the cars people drive. I saw an Enzo and Veyron driven on the streets like they were grocery-getters.

  2. Michael in Cannes  October 11th

    Most of the two-wheel activity is indeed done for practical reasons. The traffic jams during the festival and summer are phenomenal. Motorbikes and scooters get everywhere. When ppl show off, it’s usually in cars.


  3. Sam  October 12th

    Nice post and photos. I guess like anything else, the bike culture is different depending where you are and where you come from.

  4. Libby  October 13th

    Love that custom chopper!

  5. Salvia  October 13th

    I think they’re not as worried for the looks of their rides as Americans, but we must admit that Europe has a history of small cars and a lot of bikes, all for the sake of street space, which in my opinion is a good thing.

  6. motorradguy  August 6th

    Americans built world famous bikes but the Brits took a piece with cheaper bikes, not Harley’s by any means but affordable for me and my Canadian friends.When the Japs came along with their superior engineering and wiped them out. Sad to see the Harley’s looking so ‘outdated’. I guess the company is dying out as we speak.

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