Finland has a remarkable big custom scene. Here’s some of the bikes I saw at the Hot Rod’n Rock show in Tampere, Finland 2010.

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30 Responses to “Motorcycles from Hot Rod’n Rock show in Finland”

  1. Anna  May 10th

    Awesome pics!

  2. Sid from Biker Life Blog  May 12th

    Huh! I see those Finnish guys make pretty nice motorbikes! Thanks for nice pics.

  3. health  May 13th

    Awesome pics!

  4. blogsijen  May 13th

    Ohhh,,That’s greaat!

  5. aydin  May 14th

    thanks for u

  6. donmadanfilmizle  May 17th

    ohh very great 😀

  7. Michael  May 17th

    I like the #17. Great design.

  8. kely  May 23rd


  9. bike games  June 6th

    Those a great pics!

  10. Wind turbine  June 9th

    Those bikes are amazing… I really wish that I could own one someday… Great blog! Thanks

  11. Scott  June 9th

    The more pics I see of Custom bikes built in Europe the more I think that American builders need to start paying attention to what’s happening across the Ocean.

  12. maurers  June 11th

    Ohhh,,That’s greaat!

  13. jim  June 12th

    Nice pic’s That is one bad trike.

  14. Bikecom  June 16th

    Awesome looking bikes, I agree, that trike is bad to the bone

  15. Evan Fell Motorcycle Blog  June 18th

    That narrow trike is completely worthless. Just an exercise in futility.

    The flat gold iron head on the other hand is real slick. My favorite though is the XS650 of course! Long and thin.

    I’m always amazed at the tires on some of these show bikes. Top dollar builds and then they run a cheap bottom barrel Cheng Shin tire for $25 because Cheng Shin is the only manufacturer making vintage throwback style tires. Those 20″ front tires with ribs are scary to ride on, but man they look nice.


  16. Motorrad Andi  June 25th

    Awesome Pics .. love it ^^

  17. admin  June 27th

    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  18. melardenio  July 1st

    and that was a very cool bikes. In the Philippines we also do have does custom bikes and I love it when all these riders are convoy and heading for somewhere else to unwind.

  19. megallodon  July 4th


  20. Motorrad Andi  July 4th

    I Like it ^^

  21. Motorradversicherung  July 11th

    Holy Sh** !

    That are awesome Bikes…Very Nice !

  22. Palad  September 2nd

    Wow..Awesome Bikes..

  23. biojavu  September 25th

    Ohhh,,That’s greaat!

  24. cafe racers thread  October 31st

    […] 8qt8o4uORq5gxv7O-tHDSD0UNV5HqUggdSQFlY-XvpElZk/Bobb501.jpg[/IMG] Check this link out for a bike and hot rod show in Finland. Amazing bikes. […]

  25. ukbiker  November 30th

    I bought one bike just like these from the first owner, and it is in a perfect condition…

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    Thanks you on your info.

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  28. Busana Muslim  February 17th

    a great honor to visit your website. This article was very useful for me. thanks

  29. motorcycle intercom  March 9th

    That double rear-wheeler is a beast!

    …and in Finland they have the beards to really look the part!

  30. Arc  April 18th

    woW!!! nice bikes…

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