My 1973 Shovelhead

June 7th, 2006 Jesper Bram 10 Comments » | View blog reactions

FLH1973_HelmetHair1Last year (2005) in August I stumbled upon this old beauty of a Harley Davidson FLH 1200 from 1973. My focus the last couple of years have mainly been on sport bikes and naked bikes, street fighters or what ever you want to call them. But when I saw this one I had to have it, and fortunately I could afford it. I guess I wanted a Harley since childhood, and having tried a few newer Harleys, I knew what I wanted was an old Shovelhead. Since I bought it I,ve changed the rear shocks, battery and engine gaskets. After that it runs perfect, and actually has a hell of a pull for an old contraption like that. The first step in my plans to customize it was a finned primary cover that looks absolutely bitchin. I paid most of my right leg for it of course, but I,ve only seen like 4-5 bikes with that same cover and I,ve seen shit loads of bikes. I have more customization planned, which basically involves removing as much chrome as possible and style it somewhat true to how it would have been done back in the seventies when it rolled off the factory floor.

FLH1973_HelmetHair2I do some of the work on the bike myself, but most of it is done by a shop called Macho Custom. They have a nice atmosphere and are motorcycle enthusiasts them selves. So they know exactly what you,re saying when you come rambling about what you want to do and stuff you,ve seen in a magazine hundred years ago. The photos are from when I drove around looking for good spots to do motorcycle photo shoots a few weeks ago.

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10 Responses to “My 1973 Shovelhead”

  1. Gymi  June 7th

    Looks great Jesper,
    That primary cover is smokin’ nice choice. Gotta love an evolving project, keep us informed;)

  2. Jesper  June 8th

    Thanks Gymi, sure will.

  3. Giest  June 12th

    sweet looking ride. gotta love that old style. can’t wait to see how she looks as things progress.

  4. Jesper  June 13th

    Thanks, Geist. Nor can I 😉

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    […] That?s what happened to me this Saturday. After a perfect day in the company of fellow motorcycle nuts and some good rides enjoying one of the last sunny days, my shovel decided to give up on me. It?s not the first time I?ve had to pull it over because of something feeling odd, but so far it has just been a loose bolt or a broken wire. Things I could fix right away and head on, except when the clutch fell off a few weeks ago, but the good people at MachoCustom fixed that pretty quick. […]

  6. Chuck  November 29th

    hey, you still have the old primary cover you took off?? If so, I will buy or trade something for it.. Thanks, Chuck

  7. jesper.bram  December 1st

    Don’t have it, chuck, sorry. But it was a regular FLH cover, shouldn’t be hard to find.

  8. Shaun Michael olmos  December 17th

    Me and my dad are rebilding his 73flh shovelhead and i am looking for some parts for it so if u know anybody or have any for it give me a call 832 755 4063

  9. Gritter Trash  November 15th

    Ewww, I knew you were a Fag! Ha ha ha.

  10. steve f  December 5th

    hi i got a 77 flh shovel chop i love your finned primary where can i get one thanks steve

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