What a fantastic way to start the weekend. The new teaser for the upcoming movie from One World Studios called Brittown has just been released. You might have a better source for motorcycle videos, if you’re only in to sparkling new crotch rockets. But there’s no beating what comes out of One World Studios if you’re passionate about aged iron.

As far as I know Brittown has been a while in the making. These guys don’t exactly produce at Hollywood speed, but that’s because quality takes time. But wouldn’t you rather have a couple of years between each movie than just another lame wheelie-stunt-street-race-motogp-crash-collection-movie.

Now watch the teaser clips, and go pretend you’re wrenching afterwards. Yes, cleaning the bike for the third time today counts as wrenching, and if you’re a really cool grease nutter you could even check your tire pressure. You got it mate, we’re going to be in one of them cool underground motorcycle movies any day now.

New teaser

Previous teaser

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9 Responses to “New Britttown teaser is out”

  1. David Thomson  October 5th

    Wow it looks really great, shame its not a UK film. Reminds me why I love riding my Dads A10 even with the sidecar!

  2. Pan Chopper Man  October 5th

    God I want to ship my bike over to Europe an have a blast visiting all you crazy mutherfuckers over there.

    Jesper, I want to come over to ride with ya. I’m sure though, that I’d be thrown in jail the first week for simply having too much fun.

    I’m serious though, I have cancer now and I want to ride with you guys on your roads, you know, before it’s too late.

    Maybe I’ll stowaway me and my bike on a container ship bound for Amsterdam or something. If I do, Will you meet me there Jesper bud?

    Oh, you got good beer, right?

  3. Jesper  October 6th

    Sure, if you should ever get to my neck of the woods, let me know. Copenhagen is only 8-900km from Amsterdam, and usually in the summer there’s lots of rallies in Scandinavia.

  4. John Richards  October 8th

    I love a film I can relate to. This one hits all aspects of a lifelong passion. Time to put “Check the Triumph” to the top of my daily “To Do” list.

  5. FAthead  October 10th

    I dont know what I just watched but it looked like something about triumphs and nortons . I love a good trumpet all clean and shaped . Norton on the other hand is one hell of a machine . A good comando and thats all ya need . By the way if Pan Man goes over the pond to see JESPER I will most certanly be in the container with my bro. Oh ya if we do go make sure you warn the queen of england im there . I heard she wants me in a bad way . thats what I heard .
    It takes a man to build a motorcycle ,But it takes a real man to chop a harley

  6. Jay  October 10th

    Those film clips are way cool, please post more.

  7. Jesper  October 10th

    Thanks, Jay, will do.

    FAthead, if you guys plan on touring Europe and Scandinavia, you might want to do it in May 2008 when the European Super Rally is on. See more at http://www.superrally.dk/

    That’ll be the perfect place to meet up kick some tires and have some beers.

  8. Fathead  October 24th

    Jesper , would love to crack some brews with ya guys . I loved riding thru europe and Spain , Italy , It was a fucking blast . I was over there when I was in the Military. Had a shovel head ridgid then . You guys do have some sik roads and highways . Someday I will cruise over there again . Probably not next year tho. It costs a good penny when uncle sam isnt paying the bills .
    Till then keep the rubber down and have a cold draft for me .

  9. Glolercotte  October 31st

    You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

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