Lots of independent inventors are having succes with crowdfunding these days. Seems like new gadgetry is popping up daily, and motorcycles security solutions are on the minds of motorcycle riding inventors. I’m not totally sure what I think of all that new safety gear. Last thing I mentioned here was the Banshee Horn. This time it’s a a sensor that detects if there’s someone in the lane next to you. The inventor claims his invention provide you with information need to make quicker judgement in the event of someone blocking the lane in front of you.

“One of the many problems that exist while riding is the ability to react timely and effectively in a crisis situation. On a multi-lane highway, two options exist: brake or change lanes. On average, it takes 1 second to react to any stimuli and another second to perform a head check. At 45 mph, 2 seconds equals 132 ft. SensePod’s aim is to notify the user which options are available so that no time is wasted unnecessarily. Head checks are still a must before changing lanes, yet if the LED was on, the rider didn’t have to spend valuable time pursuing an option that wasn’t available in the first place.”

It might very well work, what do I know. But if you arm your self with all the security enhancing inventions for motorcycle riders on the market. Both you and your motorcycle will look like a crossbreed between Robocop and an overdone christmas tree.

Learn more and help the guys fund their project at http://www.indiegogo.com/sensepod

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One Response to “New collision avoidance system for motorcycles”

  1. Penny  April 27th

    Ive got to say, my husband goes out on his bike every chance he gets, and with all these new safety features i always make sure his motorcycle helmet is the first thing on and the last thing off. You just never know if these new inventions are going to have glitches

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