Ghost rider game screens
2K gaming just released some new screens of the upcoming Ghost Rider video game. From what the screens reveal, the game is going to be plastered with fancy 3D flames, explosions, magic mayhem, smoke, and what ever you can possibly put a glow effect on.

Games transferred from movies doesn’t exactly have the greatest of reputations, and I don’t think this game will change anything. In fact I can’t really think of any really good motorcycle video games. You steer a motorcycle by body movement, and that’s impossible to transfer to a game pad.

Until they come up with a control device that can support the sense of leaning, braking, throttle response etc., motorcycle video games will always feel kind of lame. Not that the Ghost Rider game implies any realism, but still, you might as well be jumping around on a kangaroo compared to actually riding a motorcycle.

Check out the screens at the Kotaku game blog

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One Response to “New Ghost Rider video game screens”

  1. Disco Lights ·  November 4th

    video games can be very addicting that is why sometimes i limit myself from playing too much of it “

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