New Honda factory chopper

January 19th, 2009 Jesper Bram 21 Comments » | View blog reactions

There’s a new kid on the block and it’s furious. Honda has made a bold move and introduced a factory produced chopper style motorcycle for 2009 called Fury.


The new Honda Fury doesn’t look all bad. Although maybe a bit sterile. I’m looking forward to see it for real that’s for sure. I’m not totally sold, but I guess if you’re out to buy a factory produced chopper that Fury is as good a choice as any. Maybe even a better choice than some taking Honda’s history of building solid great quality motorcycles.

Check out the Fury minisite for all the photos, videos and specifications.

Via: The Return of the Cafe Racers

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21 Responses to “New Honda factory chopper”

  1. verbal  January 19th

    The coolest major factory design of 2001… just eight years too late.

  2. Jesper  January 19th

    Yea, you’re right. In 2001 that would have been bitchin’.

  3. Frank  January 19th

    Whats the power plant? It looks similar to my VTX so I’m assuming 1300 or 1800…

  4. Jesper  January 19th

    It’s a 1300. Yes looks like the VTX engine.

  5. john  January 20th

    Honda creates a likely affordable and definitely high quality, rideable chopper (one of the few growing motorcycle categories in a down year) and it’s 8 years too late.
    Tell me what you think will sell this year besides scooters and small standards cruisers.

  6. Jesper  January 20th

    Don’t know about Verbal, but I was thinking style wise. In 2001 that would have been mind boggling awesome. Now it’s more the norm than the edge. But still I bet it rides bloody well and it’s about time the metric cruiser manufacturers showed a little balls.

  7. Biker Forums  January 20th

    It is a descent offering from Honda at a pretty good price. I went to the fury website and watched all of the videos. It was designed in America even though it is made in Japan

  8. trevor  January 24th

    I just saw this at our local bike show in Vancouver BC. It doesn’t look too bad but yes I agree, it’s a few years too late. The custom scene has come and gone over here.

  9. Pan Chopper Man  January 25th

    It’s still a rice rocket.

  10. trevor  January 25th

    Hmmm Harley to lay off 1100 workers. Rice rocket indeed.

  11. Motorcycles for sale  January 26th

    Really Honda has made such a unique style bike… i hve never seen dis kind of bike…
    Honda Fury rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Performance Bike  January 26th


    Its really a unique one.No doubt Honda is known for its uniqueness.Well don’t know how it is on the road but i m sure it must be a great quality bike .Eager to see it.

  13. ERock  February 6th

    I did a post on my blog about Honda and their attempt to bring quiet, electric motorbikes to the mainstream rider…not sure how I feel about that.

  14. Ted @  February 8th

    Style wise, I’m not really into this bike.”The coolest major factory design of 2001รขโ‚ฌยฆ just eight years too late.” Exactly…

  15. Pan Chopper Man  March 8th

    All you guys are way too open-minded about motorcycles…

    You should set your mind on the ONE make, model, and year you like the best and put down all the rest at all cost.

    Pan Chopper Man

  16. Donald  April 13th

    The Fury, I can at least understand. It’s not for me, but it is for some folks. It’s the Honda DN-01 that I don’t get, at ALL. A 650/680cc engine, automatic, and styling that will appeal to about 3 dozen people. Cost? more than $15,000.
    Now, it’s Suzuki I give kudos to. They’re coming out with a new styled 250 beginner bike. In this era, I’m all about big bang for your buck, and bikes that are in the $7,000 US neighborhood are what will get my attention.
    Don, Seattle, USA

  17. Donald  April 13th

    To follow Pan Chopper Man’s suggestion, I will pick the 1986 Yamaha Fazer as my object of Love and Championing.

  18. Ricster  August 14th

    Great looking bike,apart from the pipes,however its a good base for a nice custom without much work.
    Its a pity overpriced H.D couldn’t have done this years ago,especialy with the Sportster.
    Yeah,if Harley could have turned this out with their name on the tank,sound from the pipes and the Harley charisma,they would have nailed it.
    In the U.K there’s a bit of a custom revival.
    It’s the hotest factory custom I’ve seen,including H.D.
    I’d buy a Fury and I’m a Harley chop guy.
    Nice one Honda!

  19. Stephen  July 13th

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  20. Dave  September 13th

    This is a great looking bike.. but I fear that the Fury won’t be a chopper until someones actually chops at it and adds their own parts and style to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Warner Hoppenstedt  February 22nd

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