Helmet Hair Threads Shop is now open
After decades of “if you can read this…”, “life starts at 200”, and “my dad drives a…” it’s time to put the cheesy taglines to rest and bring traditional biker style up to date. From now on you can get your greasy hands on original designed motorcycle apparel from the Helmet Hair Threads Shop.

Because you put your finger in the face of worn out taglines doesn’t mean you should discard the classic symbols of motorcycle culture. Especially flames, oh no, flames will never die. Nor will skulls, ace of spades, lucky 7, speedy ducks, pistons, checkers, the red face of that dude with the bad reputation, dices, and all the other symbols motorcycle enthusiasts have been decorating themselves and their bikes with since the forties and fifties.

Although, you will find no winged eyes here, that symbol I will leave for better known copycats to destroy. But I will probably give everything else a shot down the road, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve designed t-shirts for years, just not in this scale before. I discovered Cafepress years ago, but you can’t have a t-shirt collection without any black, and until recently they didn’t offer that. But now they do, so please pop in and see what cool threads you can be showing off to your mates, in a day or two depending on delivery time.

The Helmet Hair Threads Shop is hereby declared OPEN!

(You may light your fireworks and drink your Champaign now)

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5 Responses to “New motorcycle apparel kicks ass of traditional bad biker taste”

  1. Markus  August 31st

    Ahhh! Great!
    Congratulations on the new “threads” site.
    Every one of your designs I’ve seen previous has been great.

    Good luck with it! (hope you/cafepress ships to the U.S!)

  2. Jesper  September 1st

    Thanks Markus,
    Actually I think there’s free shipping within the U.S at the moment.

    There is some sort of promotional code. I’ll get it up there right away.

  3. Markus  September 1st

    yes, if you find the code, post it up…or email me.

  4. Jesper  September 1st

    It’s up there now, Markus. There’s a little banner to the left saying free shipping. I think you can just click the banner and then it’s setup when you exit the shopping cart.

    Or you can just click it here:
    Support This Site

    Apparently it’s only for orders of $50 or more though. But hey! make someone happy and by a shirt for them too. 😉

  5. Brady Gratly  June 30th

    This is an awesome website, it really had a great deal of informaion on the subject.

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