There’s no helmet laws but you earn respect for riding with a metal flake Biltwell helmet. There’s no cars except pick-up’s used to salvage old barn finds. And most important there’s no rules but to respect your fellow riders.

They say that bikers don’t go to Heaven; they regroup in Hell. But now there’s place to go before that comes in to question. This place is called Choppertown Nation and is the work of independent motorcycle filmmakers Scott DiLalla and Zack Coffman.


Basically it’s sort of a Facebook thing for people into riding, building, painting, trashing, and racing motorcycles. The majority of the population are people who can’t keep their greasy fingers from removing or adding parts to what ever motorcycle it is they happen to own.

Go check it out at

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One Response to “New nation of motorcycle riders”

  1. Motorcycles for sale  January 26th

    Ya dats true there was no helmet laws… bt nw its mandatory…

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