Southern California builders Wes White (Four Aces Cycle) and Chuck Zeglin set out for the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats with the hopes of setting new land speed records on their vintage Triumphs. Also includes footage from Hippodrome Studios’ Jeff Decker and Motorcycle Hall of Fame legend Mike Parti.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Looks like a keeper to me

A Day in the Sun

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2 Responses to “New salt flats race movie coming”

  1. David  November 3rd

    Looks good,

    reminds me of the world’s fastest Indian with Athony Hopkins. I loved the movie as it is a very heart warming film which at every point of near disaster simple good human nature wins through, completely the opposite of what Hollywood has conditioned us with. I’m crazy for an Indian T shirt now. Strangely enough the movie was just released in Germany but with the title ‘Mit Hertz und Hand’

    This one joined my Biker movie collection alond with the Long Way Round and On any Sunday.

  2. Jesper  November 3rd

    Yea, The Worlds Fastest Indian is excellent. Watched the DVD a few days ago. It had some weird lame title in Danish as well.

    Kind of makes you want to experience the Bonneville Salt Flats doesn’t it.

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