Most anticipated motorcycle movie of 2007 Ghost Rider; are we going to watch it? – I think we are. Check out the new trailer, which also reveals that Peter Fonda star of motorcycle movie classic of all times, Easy Rider, will play the contract dealing double crossing Mephistopheles. Pretty cool that he’s in the movie I think. The new trailer also, finally, gives us the release date; February 16 2007. You will find worldwide release dates here

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8 Responses to “New trailer and release date for Ghost Rider The Movie”

  1. Carl  January 9th

    What a load. Might as well have Wesley-Anne Snipes in it too.

    We need a real, original ghost rider feature film.

  2. Jesper  January 9th

    Well, it is Hollywood. Their heads implode at the bare thought of producing a movie not feasible to every dim wit on the planet.

    You’re right, Ghost Rider is entertainment for the masses, but it can’t be worse than Torque or Biker Boyz. At least Ghost Rider doesn’t pretend to be anything other than fantasy.

    By the way, what do you mean “real” Ghost Rider film? You are aware that Ghost Rider is an old comic book super hero, right?

    If you’re thinking of the Swedish motorcycle bad boy of the same name, as “real”. He wasn’t even an itch in his fathers pants, when the comic book was out.

  3. digme  January 9th

    Oh god that looks awful.

  4. Jesper  January 9th

    Well, for a superhero flick in the same category as spiderman, x-men, etc. I think it looks pretty good. Its got motorcycles in it, and flames, and skulls, and motorcycles, and flames. What’s not to like?

  5. tommx  January 11th

    Looks about like what I’d expect. I used to read Ghost Rider myself. About the worst thing I can complain about with this trailer is Nick Cage’s wig.

  6. Jesper  January 11th

    Ha ha, I hadn’t really noticed that. But you’re right it has sort of an odd look to it.

  7. Mikla  January 13th

    great news!

  8. Pav  February 22nd

    i think the movie looks great its got action thrill adn yh thier is fantasy but those mke the best mvie’s because we cnt witness them in real life

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