Triumph_daytona_675_greyAt last Triumph has revealed their new Daytona 675, and it looks as sweet as it gets. As I mentioned in my rumoured motorcycles for 2006 post, I looked forward to getting this particular rumour confirmed. Luckily it turned out to be true, unlike the Hornet 1000 (Honda 919) rumour. Motorcycle Daily has some more info on the new Daytona 675, and on the Triumph website you can see the available colour combinations. Now the only thing left is to sit back and wait to see this baby in physical form. In the mean time I’m sure there will be plenty of magazine reviews of the bike to help you pass time.

Triumph_daytona_675My bet is that an overall verdict will be that it can’t match the Japanese four cylinders in performance, but it will have its own totally unique feel that some will love and some will hate. Exactly the thing Triumph needs to rejoin the hall of legends with brands like Ducati and Harley Davidson. Better late than never Triumph.

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One Response to “New Triumph Three cylinder sport bike revealed”

  1. Gymi  September 29th

    She is a definite looker

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