Tiger_1050_scoopAs the much anticipated new Triumph Tiger and other motorcycles of 2007 is going from rumour state to actual factory acknowledged production models, a clear trend emerge. 2007 will be the year we gear up for combat; the urban assault motorcycle is here. What I’m talking about is of course the trend Ducati started with their Multistrada back in 2003 of go-any-where motorcycles, the SUV of motorcycles if you will. In 2007 Ducati updates their take on the concept, Triumph tags along with their new Tiger, Kawasaki introduce a new model named Versys, and same thing goes for Benelli with their new Trek. In 2006 we saw Yamaha put out their MT-03, and Buell their Olysess.

Buell_ulysessEither all the manufacturers attend the same summer camp, or someone has learned that we city kids are addicted to the thought that we can go anywhere we want whenever we want. The same reason why we walk around in hiking boots, technical pants (means they have pockets on the side and can be zipped off to shorts) and everyone knows the meaning of terms like soft-shell. We live in the city but we certainly aren’t “city slickers” who wouldnt know how to handle ourselves in an erupting volcano; oh no, we can leave this city anytime we want, and go sleep under the stars in the jungle’ no problem.

Kawasaki_versysCatering for the suppressed escapist dreams of city slickers or not, Im a fan of the concept and so are you if you have read this far. You got to love the idea of a light naked bike with touring capabilities. We dont need to be wrapped in plastic to protect us from the sensation of forward motion the wind might bestow upon us. Nor do we need a motorcycle that will take us to the summit of Kilimanjaro. What we need is a light sporty standard bike with a little wind protection, upright riding position, and the possibility to quickly slap on some luggage without bolting on an entire rack. Yes, wed like the idea that it would take us off road for a bit if we needed it (handling volcanoes remember), but most likely we wont need that so performance on tarmac remains the prime virtue and of course it has to look cool as well. I dont know about you, but I want one. I better mention that the 2007 Triumph Tiger photo is nicked from Triumphchepassione.com an Italian Triumph fan website that seems to have the Triumph factory under 24 hour surveillance.

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13 Responses to “New Triumph Tiger reveals definite trend in 2007 motorcycles”

  1. Highsider  September 14th

    Under surveillance? It seems to me Triumph is leeking photo’s of their new models all the time. They did it with the 675, Speed Triple and Sprint… Great way of getting extra publicity!

  2. Jesper  September 14th

    I think this one was scanned from a magazine. But you are right. I would do that as well if I where Triumph.

  3. David  September 15th

    I finally had my test ride on the KTM 990 Adventure and now I’m fully confused. As soon as I sat on the bike you realise it is very much a dirt bike, high seat narrow front tire and long suspension travel. However to ride it it is more sporty than my 1100GS, mostly due to better brakes, harder ride and great exhaust note. However it left me with the feeling that it is even more of a compromise than my GS.

    In the end I realised that the motorcycling market have got it right with the likes of the new Tiger etc. As what I really want is an all rounder, and although the KTM is just as competent as my GS it does not give that message when you look at it or see the marketing.

    If I had the money now I’d trade up to the new 1200GS, for touring scratching and always having the peace of mind I could do the long way round. And to compliment it I would also have a nice little KTM enduro for those real off road experiences. In reality I’ll keep the 1100GS and look at buying a 600 jap Enduro for my Girlfriend and the odd off road excursion.

  4. Jesper  September 15th

    Hey David, thanks for your opinion on the KTM 990.

    I guess you are right. At a certain point in your motorcycle riding life, you will learn that one bike just won’t cut it.

    I’d like to see a jap version of the tiger/multi like bikes. A larger version of the MT-03 would be nice.

  5. Schneegz  September 16th

    Here’s a German website with tons of high resolution pics of the new Tiger.


  6. Jesper  September 16th

    Hey Scheegz, thanks for sharing mate.

  7. cagey1  September 18th

    Looks a lot like Suzuki’s v-stroms (650/1000) which were not mentioned but hold there own against any listed.

  8. Jesper  September 18th

    Can’t say that I agree. Don’t think the 2007 tiger looks like the V-strom.

    I didn’t mention the V-Strom because I don’t think it’s in the same category of bikes. The V-strom is more of a touring bike like the Honda Varadeo, Aprilia Caponord etc.

    I’ve tried both the V-strom and Caponord they feel way bigger than e.g. the Multistrada that started the sports-semi-off-road craze.

  9. SKI  September 19th

    Help me out, how you gonna go anywhere do anything on a naked 650. Where the capability to commute, ride the wrong way on sidewalks, like scooter idiots etc.
    the tiger is now a road bike / sport bike.
    where the new adventure bikes ?

  10. Jesper  September 19th

    You’re right, SKI. The Tiger is now a road/sport bike. That’s a good thing.

    If you want adventure bikes, buy a MZ 250cc or an Ural. I’ve met people on motorcycles like that who have done more kilometers all over the world than most of us will ride in a life time.

  11. raul  April 8th

    pengen tau harga motor tiger yg terbaru?ada berapa macam warna kah?kirim dong poto ny?aku tki d korea

  12. Jesper  April 8th

    Great idea, Raul, or what ever it was. My Korean is a little rusty.

  13. Geot Wales  June 8th

    Very good written triumph article – I love all things triumph, but cant see many comments. Any how great stuff. Ill pass this on to a friend or two, thanks for this.

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