RadialbikeI’m not the biggest fan of the bling bling mantelpiece choppers spawned from some of the Discovery channel rockstars. But they do come up with some amazing contraptions now and again. The trend at the moment seems to be radical engine modifications. Like Roger Goldhammer who won the World Championship of Custom Bike Building, with his single cylinder aftermarket HD engine powered bike. The most extreme I’ve seen yet is the Jesse James radial engine powered bike. Whether you’re into that sort of thing or not, you can’t escape that it’s a wicked piece of machinery. It’s not like weird engine powered motorcycles is something totally new. People have been bolting together 16 lawnmower engines, two wheels and an old blender for ages. But you got to acknowledge the superstar bike builders their skills in making these motorcycles appear coherent at the same time.

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4 Responses to “Now that?s a wicked scoot”

  1. James- Whybike.com  June 2nd

    You might want to change the description that your RSS feed is sending. It says “Helmet Hair – Motorcycle Blog, Just another WordPress weblog”

    I thought you should know. Look at the link above to check out what it looks like.

  2. Jesper  June 2nd

    Thanks for noticing, James.
    Should be fixed now.

  3. Jesse - Motorcycle Gear  June 13th

    awesome bike… that is great inspiration piece for a custom bike. I wonder how it cost to build that bike?

  4. Jesper  June 14th

    I don’t know, but if you have the skills, I guess it’s mostly time.

    And if building weird motorcycles is what you like to do, that’s time well spent.

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