Yea, now I’m an art critic as well. No, don’t worry I’m not going to go all artsy fartsy on you. Just want to quickly share some wicked amazing stuff I saw this morning.

This Chinese guy, Jin Dian Shi, makes live size motorcycle sculptures from wire, and the details is just mind boggling. Check out the few pictures I could scrape off the net below. My brain is almost short circuiting just by the thought of fiddling with wire for as long as it must take this level of detail.

Here’s a description I nicked of a gallery’s website that had one of his bikes exhibited earlier this year.

This marvelous sculpture by a Chinese artist, Jin Dian Shi, from Chengdu, China, depicts a life-size 1940’s vintage BMW motorcycle using woven stainless steel wires. This is his third motorcycle ever built, each one using different method and only one in North America. The artist’s technique here is a basic crochet-like approach using extremely simple custom made hand tools working in excruciating details. The shock spring is clearly visible as well as the tread patterns on its tires. Mr. Alan Artner, senior art critic at Chicago Tribune once says, “ This phenomenal workmanship is largely missing from contemporary art created in the west…” When asked how long his sculpture takes to build, Mr. Shi responds simply “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.”

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6 Responses to “Out of this world awesome motorcycle sculpture”

  1. Nixon  September 8th

    That is really crazy. I can’t even imagine the amount and time this person did to create this sculpture. This is one serious piece of work.

  2. Naked Rider  September 9th

    Now I only wish that manufactures would put that kind of detail and skill into designing the motorcycles.

    This guy has an amazing talent.

  3. Hieyeglasses  September 9th

    That is so awesome! Amazing detail he got there!

  4. Biker Betty  September 11th

    I agree, that is amazing!!! I can barely crochet a scarf, lol. My husband still jokes about the one I made for him that wrapped around his neck 20 million times it was so long.

  5. Josh  September 11th

    Wow, that is really cool. I was really excited about a life-sized wicker motorcycle I saw last weekend, but now it seems kinda lame lol. Nice pics.

  6. David Granville  May 17th
    I have this mototrcyle with a side ar does anyone want to buy it?

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