You see some weird shit now and again, and this one is in the red. English interior designer, Barrend Massow built a panther shaped motorcycle. I totally recognize the effort and amount of work a project like this must have demanded. I more than respect the ability to take a crazy idea to a finished product. But still…

Looking at it from an artistic perspective, I’m pretty sure I would think it was cool if I saw it at a pop-art exhibition. Even despite the fact that it reminds me of a cat shaped porcelain lavatory brush holder my mom has. But considering it a custom motorcycle, it falls right into the category of concept bikes that I absolutely hate don’t care much for.

Call me conservative, but I’m not a big fan of vehicles that looks like something. Example: Remember the car they have in Dumb and dumber that looks like a dog. That’s what I’m talking about. Also some guy built a motorcycle looking like a cow once, calling it a cow-asaki or what ever. Things like that sort of clash with me. Even vehicle parts that looks like something I’m having a hard time with. Headlights for an example, skull shaped, viking helmet shaped, alien shaped and what not.

I understand it from an advertising perspective. It attracts attention no doubt about it. But then again that falls more into the art department. I would be the first to drive around an over-sized lavatory brush holder with a v-twin engine at a interior design convention. But I would never take it to a motorcycle show calling it a custom motorcycle. Some people would, and that’s fine by me. You can’t please them all.

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18 Responses to “Panther shaped motorcycle”

  1. Phil  January 4th

    “Top speed of 50mph….” LOL – that is one seriously de-tuned sporty engine.

  2. Mr. Motorcycle  January 5th

    I totally agree. I think this falls under the category of “WHY?—WTF?”

    I know the answer would be, “Why not”, or “Because I can.”

    My reply would be, “Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should”.

    What a F’n joke.

  3. James Lavrich  January 5th

    I agree completly. One question is does it go faster or is it just show and no zing

  4. sam  January 7th

    Looks like a doggy-style or you may say panther-style when you’re riding it, You must have an animal fetish to do that. hehe. Humping a panther.. that’s a great idea.. sheeesh! Next someone might make it look like a Fox.. Megan Fox.. that is..

  5. Jesper  January 7th

    Yea, it’s not good is it. I’m almost feeling sorry for the guy. He must have put so damn much time in that thing. But that doesn’t make it any better.

    I hope that he get’s enough publicity on this to get loads of interior design jobs. But please don’t pay him to make another “motorcycle” 😀

  6. Richard  January 15th

    Are you guys serious about engine & speed of bike

  7. Chris  January 16th

    That is really lame… not only is it extremely strange looking, it’s so detuned it’s practically a scooter, and the riding position… well, it’s little light in the loafers.

  8. Christina Shook  January 23rd

    Laughing my ass over it all – the bike, the write up, the comments! hahaha!

  9. Motorbike Intercom  January 28th

    Harsh people, harsh. Slaughtered thats poor mans pride and joy

  10. Ian  February 5th

    well maybe its not the fastest bike , but i suppsoe speed wasnt his goal, i have to agree it does look a bit odd , but i wouldnt say it looks bad.

  11. Ian  February 5th

    well maybe its not the fastest bike , but i suppose speed wasnt his goal, i have to agree it does look a bit odd , but i wouldnt say it looks bad.

  12. Mr. Motorcycle  February 5th

    You gotta admit. Taking this out of the context of riding a motorcycle, Just looking at it for what it is, It sure does appear as though he is trying to hump a panther.

  13. Jack  February 18th

    Rocking!! I agree @Ian as it doesn’t sound so good

  14. neal  March 14th

    wow that looks really uncomfortable and dodgy

  15. Rusty  April 4th

    What kind of guy would ride a motorcycle that makes him look like he is having sex with a Jaguar (it doesn’t look like a panther to me) in public and think it looks cool?

  16. Sixx  April 9th

    I don’t personally like it, but I do appreciate the design and the talent. By today’s standards, designers are scared to take risks, and rightly so in today’s economy. Kudos to the designer, just need to roll back the “extreme” a notch or two ;p

  17. Paul  May 1st

    I would not choose this ride for myself,but everyone has their own style and taste. Variety is the spice of life you know.

  18. health  May 14th

    Harsh people, harsh. Slaughtered thats poor mans pride and joy

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