MV Agusta F4 1000
Peter Fonda on his MV AgustaYou thought that Peter Fonda, star of legendary motorcycle movie Easy Rider, would be riding a chopper or at least a Harley, right? Well, you thought wrong. Peter rides one of the nasties and most exclusive factory produced sport bikes, you can get your hands on, the MV Agusta F4-1000. How do I know this? Because I found a video interview featuring him and the bike on Los Angeles times’, and as the interview states, he’s not afraid to use it either.

“I’ve had this puppy up to 189,” Fonda said, not so much boasting as marveling at his own stupidity during a rest stop at Coldwater Canyon Park. “I never want to do that again. One road rut, and I would have been toast.”

Peter Fonda talks about motorcycle ridingTruth be told, it would be strange if he’d never owned a Harley Davidson, and of course he has. In fact he’s had three of them, along with some Triumphs, a Ducati, a few BMW’s and what not. Which goes to show it’s not about being a chopper dude/chick, bad ass bobber biker, sportbike jockey, dirt track devil or GoldWing granny, because there’s no such thing. You’re a motorcycle rider, and if you’re all stock on a certain motorcycle type, you’re just cutting yourself off from some of the fun. Sure, we have our preferences, but basically it’s all about two wheels and an engine.

As Peter Fonda puts it “There’s no fences on the highway, man!”

via: Popcandy

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5 Responses to “Peter Fonda rides a MV Agusta F4-1000”

  1. Steve  February 19th

    This is a sick looking bike, heres a question is this the most expensive bike as far as being a none custom bike? Also love the 1+1

  2. Jesper  February 20th

    Hey Steve, I don’t think it’s the most expensive non custom bike, but it’s up there. I think the Ducati Desmocedici RR is more expensive.

  3. maharlika  September 6th

    mv agusta f4cc is the most expensive production bike – limited 2 100 units only. super xclusiv men… super exotic… 200+hp at the crank… kill the busas

  4. maharlika  September 6th

    oh! and i almost 4gt, wn wil the MV relises its Twin-Stage/Twin-Turbine Turbocharger + Intercooler dat put on MV 750S (1975)? it dobols d stallions & fly lke the bugatti veyron. awesome!!!

  5. tez  September 1st

    Peter Blew IT. how he’s rich i forgot too.

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