Check out these cool photos of Ducati motorcycle engines, the Desmosedici RR engine for example. If I could have engines at my home as sculptures, I would. But I don’t have any to spare at the moment, except maybe from an old lawnmower and some how that doesn’t really cut it.

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5 Responses to “Phil Aynsley artzy motorcycle engine photos”

  1. V-STARMAN  December 12th

    Very cool Idea . Looks like it would cost a bundle of money though. Looks like he incorparated a frame in a few of them .

    I have read some of the archive blogs . Is this one of those blog’s that people Bash others on. I hopefully have not stumbled on one of them .
    I am realy appreciative on the articles and the time spent on this blog so motorcycle enthusiasts can have a blog site to comment on . Jesper if ya read this blog just wanted to say thank you.


  2. Jesper  December 12th

    Thanks, V-starman. Some people have different opinions on what a good discussion is, and that occasionally leads to some bashing.

    But in general there’s a good spirit of respect here, after all we all have riding motorcycles in common.

    I tend not to moderate to much. That doesn’t really fit a motorcycle blog. People should be allowed to let out some crap for shits and giggles once in a while.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  January 5th

    Yea, thanks V-Star-fat-fuckerhead-man.
    You’re such a breath of polluted air.

  4. Motorcycle  February 15th

    Very cool pictures, The internals look so simple.

  5. Sol Rolling  February 24th

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