This weekend was Bedrock weekend (for the uninitiated, that is a pre 54 motorcycle and car meet), and as usual it was bloody good event. The track this year was long and very difficult for the lads on two wheels. But they did great and delivered one of the most entertaining races I’ve seen yet. These guys really haul ass, and deserve all the respect they can get.

The party vent on long into the night, but I had to capitulate around 2pm because I was a bit spent after only 4 hours of sleep, 11hours/800km of riding my ’73 Shovel, a hangover from a night in Hamburg, all accomplished within the previous 48 hours. But that’s a story I will share with you later.

Below is some photos of the motorcycles at Bedrock. The rest of the photos from the event is in this flickr set

The photos are shot by my good buddy Christian Bech.

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9 Responses to “Photos from Bedrock 2008”

  1. JD  June 28th

    Nice pictures from Bedrock, that looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Jesper  July 1st

    Thanks, JD, it was.

  3. NMM - Conferencing Venues  July 4th

    Classic bikes man, its the way forward. I work for the british National Motor Cycle Museum and they have just started a blog. Throught you might be interested, check it out at

    They often add classic bikes including images etc that have been donated to the museum.


  4. Sean  July 24th

    I never appreciate my suspension like I do when I see your vintage bikes.

  5. Recipe for one hell of a weekend | Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog  July 25th

    […] few weekends ago I had planned to attend Bedrock pre ‘54 bike and car meet. Then I learned that Scott and Zack (who made the movie Choppertown) was in Hamburg that same […]

  6. Grail  July 29th

    Hell yeah, great pics, looks like a killer time.

  7. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    Just take a look at the beautiful clouds!! man I’m jealous

  8. sandrar  September 10th

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  9. megan fox  September 11th

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