Just came back from Harley meet on Bornholm, a small Danish island. A very relaxed atmosphere people was just enjoying themselves and having fun. The original plan was to stay from Friday to Monday and see a bit of the island while I was where there. But the weather wasn’t too good and since it was my fourth weekend in a row of camping, I bailed out and sailed back home on Saturday. Apparently there’s a limit to how many tires you can kick, and beers you can drink. Getting there and back again, is really where the fun is. Staying one night and then back on the road suits me fine.

Check out the photos below. Added some more people shots as you guys requested.

Here’s a video of the guy that felt like punishing some rubber to death.

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5 Responses to “Photos from Bornholm Harley meet”

  1. Jack  July 16th

    Howdie from the states. Looks like great fun and a nice atmosphere!

  2. rick  July 17th

    Camping four weeks in a row must get pretty old!

  3. Jesper  July 17th

    Yea, it does. But riding to where ever it is you’re camping and home again doesn’t.

  4. sports bike  July 24th

    hey nice pictures and after seeing your pics i am very much keen to took part in this event

  5. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    Im always in when is about taking a trip and camping and being fully immersed in the nature, oh yes!

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