Just got back from this years Forever2wheels custom motorcycle show. Here’s a selection of photos i shot at the event. Lots of people attended this year, and there was a good handful of really well built custom motorcycles.
[pictobrowser jbram 72157603840835861]

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9 Responses to “Photos from Forever2wheels motorcycle show”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  February 3rd

    You’ve got some very talented bike builders over there in your neck of the woods Jesper.
    I’m assuming these bikes were built by local guys???
    My favorite is the OD green knuckle with the apes! Nice.

    Can’t wait for spring!

    Pan Chopper Man

  2. Jesper  February 4th

    Yea, the knuckle seems to be everyones favorite. I agree, it’s really bitchin.

    The bikes is build by people in northern Europe; Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark etc.

    Believe the knuck is danish though, as far as I can remember, it had danish license plates.

  3. BMWmoto  February 7th

    Choppers are cool. I’d always been a BMW or KTM enduro sort of guy until a rented a FLHR in Nashville a few years ago. Theres something about huge displacement cranking out tons of noise and vibration that make you forget about performance and stats. It’s just cool and thats all you need to know.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  February 10th

    I couln’t put it any better than that. It’s cool that you feel that way, BMWmoto.

    Pan Chopper Man

  5. Road Captain  February 10th

    Hi Jesper, I believe you like all kinds of motorcycles so you may not be bothered by this comment, but I’m not sure about Pan Chopper Man. Here goes… Choppers and bling bikes are great pieces of mechanical art. Yes they are super cool. But aren’t they USELESS when it comes to real riding? Sure you can ride around town and impress the chicks, visit the local watering hole, but are you gonna ride to Sturgis on a raked out custom with a little gas tank, rigid frame, no saddlebags, no wind protection? Might as well build a fancy matching trailer. Ever notice how all the TV shows and documentaries of chopper riders going cross country have a trailer following them? I’m not sure we should be calling these talented artists “talented bike builders”. On the other hand, check out the wicked custom baggers at http://www.fbimotorco.com

  6. Jesper  February 11th

    There’s a degree of truth to what you’re saying Road Cpt. But i don’t agree entirely. In the end it comes down to the level of comfort, and your individual pain threshold if we take it to the extremes 🙂

    There’s no arguing that you can do a lot more miles a lot more comfortable on a bike with a large tank and big windscreen etc.

    But that’s not to say it isn’t possible on a chopper. Check ot http://www.eldiablorun.com/ most of the bikes participating in that run are choppers (although one has to go easy on the “chopper/bobber” terms around those guys).

    Yea, some bikes, or mechanical art pieces, are trailer queens. But then again some people also have GoldWings sitting in their garage that only ride a couple hundred miles a year.

  7. Road Captain  February 11th

    I like choppers, bobbers and classics… but the show bikes, trailer queens and garage trophys are ridiculous.

    If I were a younger different version of myself I might search out the zen like experience of traveling cross country on a stripped down chopper with nothing but the clothes on my back and a bedroll like Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. No watch, no cell phone, no reliance on modern technology or society. Screw it all!

    But that’s not me. I’m touring the country on a cool but stock Harley Dyna Lowrider that can be ridden around town and look pretty sweet and then I have the luxery of attaching my saddlebags and T-bag and heading out long distance with some creature comforts for both me and the wife.

  8. Evan Fell  February 15th

    I like the partially closed mufflers on this bike. Too many chopper use wide open brutish exhausts. Using a closed muffler is refreshing. My motorcycle blog.

  9. andrej  February 22nd

    Really nice machines, “hot wheels”. 🙂

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