There’s not much to criticize on this years Super Rally. Logistics where great, food was good, music was good, and the beer was reasonably prized.

Just one thing was bad, and that was the police being a little less than easy to work with at the entrance. I had no problems, but when the rally began we got official message that the police weren’t letting people in to the site. After that we got word from several sources that people had been feigned for all sorts of pesky technical details.

Well, enough of the bitching. That’s just what you get for “parading without a permit“. Neither of us will win popularity contests with each other, that’s apparently just the way it is.

Besides “the man” refreshing the trenches, it was a bloody good weekend. Check out the photos below.

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9 Responses to “Photos from Super Rally 2008”

  1. Mr Tom  May 15th

    Wow , nice pics man .
    Maybe next time more people pics ?
    Ride free

  2. Jesper  May 21st

    Thanks, Tom.
    Actually left out most of the people photos by choice. Didn’t think you guys would be interested in a bunch of drunken motorcycle nutters.

    I’ll post more people next time.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  May 25th

    Looks like it was a fun time Jesper. I saw nice blue skies in those pics.

    If you do “people pics” include what all us bikers love… hot babes.

    Here’s an idea… pics of drunk hot babes on panheads holding automatic weapons. Yea!

    Pan Chopper Man
    Maine, USA

  4. Jesper  May 26th

    Yea, Pan man, it was a great weekend. Great idea by the way, sounds like the title for a new Tarantino movie.

  5. National Motorcycle Museum  June 6th

    Nice photos. It looked like a great day.

  6. The Ride  June 18th

    Sweet pics. Sounds like the police were being there usually selfs but at least it wasn’t too serious.

    Oh, pics of chics would be nice next time!

  7. Mihgan  July 7th

    Really awesome pics of Rally you have provided, i wish i could be in that to particiupate in it.

  8. Streetfighter  July 14th

    Nice pics! That’s a LOT of bikes, looks like a good time!

  9. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    Man, I wish we could have those events here where I live. 🙁

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