Female stunt rider Leah Petersen thought she was going to compete in first womens Stunt Grand Prix Cup in Poland. But in stead she got treated like a circus monkey. Which pissed her off quite a bit.

Leah says “Last weekend I attended the Stunt Grand Prix Stunt Competition in Poland with the hopes of competing in the first Women’s Cup. Unfortunately it turned into a sad display of sexism and inequality within our sport; as the organizer had no intention to provide payouts for the women competitors.”

Apparently the organizer had 12.000$ i prizes lined up for the guys and absolutely zip for the girls even though they used the Women’s Cup to promote the event.

“At this point we realized the event had been promoting having a women’s competition, used a women rider on the poster and we essentially would be performing two days worth of free shows like some sort of circus monkeys.” says Leah Petersen.

Here’s a video of Leah Peters stunt riding. Hell! I can’t even remotely do shit like that. She deserves more respect. Read the full version of the story on her blog leahstunts.com.

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3 Responses to “Pissed off motorcycle stunt girl”

  1. Adri  July 26th

    Well said and glad you shared this. We definitely need more lady riders. It actually benefits us (the dudes) tremendously. I blogged a bit about that myself. I’m really not the put-the-girl-on-a-pedestal-type, but this chick deserves her dues.
    “Hell! I can’t even remotely do shit like that.” You said it.
    Thanks for sharing this helmethairblog. Keep up the good stuff and ride safe!

  2. Deborah  August 1st

    Wow that’s just crap. Male or female it shouldn’t matter. Everyone should be respected and acknowledged for the talents and abilities. Loved the video.

  3. Ben Holbrook  January 12th

    An awsome rider, regardless of gender!

    I’m sure she will get plenty more chances to shine. The industry needs people like this, to shake things up and get rid of the old “fat hairy biker” image we have inherited over the decades.

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