Some spring motorcycle events have already started and there are still many to come. For all passionate motorcyclists, spring is the high time of excitement when all of them finally get time to enjoy the outdoors in pleasant weather. Although there are many who love adventure in extreme weather, but there are some who prefer staying indoors and wait for Spring to arrive. Whichever category you fall into, spring is a great time to be planning a road trip or to participate in the amazing motorcycle events. For those motorcyclists who have kept their precious motorcycles locked in during the winters and have just taken them out for the lovely spring weather, here are a few tips to help you prepare for the perfect ride.

1. Check the Fuel
The first thing you should do is to have a look at the fuel tank and check whether it is clean enough for you to start your bike on. Often if the fuel is decayed or if there is a buildup of residue in the fuel tank, your motorcycle will clog up and it will damage the engine and carburetor. You should also check the engine fluids and oil to be sure that your engine is well-oiled. If you feel your motorcycle needs a fuel and oil change, then drain the old one and replace it with fresh oil.

2. Fix the Engine
Next, you want to pay some attention to the engine of the motorcycle because it is the heart of your ride and you want to be sure it is running smoothly. Buy some engine fluid if you do not have any remaining and give the spark plugs a good shoot of oil. Then give the engine a few spins with the spark plugs removed. If you have not paid any attention to your motorcycle during winters, you will also need to service the rest of the things like the air filter, drive lines etc.

3. Brakes
One of the most important yet easily forgotten part is to make sure your brakes are working smoothly. You will may need to drain and replace the brake fluid. It is very important because brakes are the first line of security during a ride. Brake fluid tends to absorb moisture from the air and that is why this is extremely important to check and change when needed.

4. Clean it up
Of course, you want to look good on your bike and for that you will need to clean up all the dust it has gathered over the cold months. Clean it nicely making sure it is sparkling clean. It may take a few hours in polishing, waxing and scrubbing it but it will be worth it when the spring sun bounces off your shiny ride.

Spring is great time to participate in events and tours but make sure you have gone over the list of things that you have to do for a safe and secure ride. Safety gives you a sense of peace that will make you experience at a tour or motorcycling event even more eventful.

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Carla Steve is an expert on motorcycles and loves to write feature articles on variety of topics related to motorcycle, specifically focusing on motorcycle accessories like open face motorcycle helmets .

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4 Responses to “Preparing for a Summer Road-trip on your Motorcycle”

  1. David Drouin  April 15th

    Good advice for motorcyclists. So many people get so excited once the snow is gone they just turn on the motorcycle and forget all those little things that can potentially bring their riding career to a short close.

    I would also remind riders to properly store their motorcycle in the fall to prevent any nasty surprises in the spring.

  2. Karl Steinmeyer  April 17th

    Can I add #5.?

    Hook up your trailer and go.

  3. Wayne Schoeneberg  May 6th

    I have ridden over 100,000 miles on motorcycles and been on some long trips. Nothing is more important than making sure the bike is in good shape before you leave. If you are headed out on a really long trip you should plan a maintenance stop on the road. Plan ahead. Have a mechanic take a look at it while you are on the road. Bikes are fickle. What was working when you left might not be in the same condition 1,000 miles later.

  4. Matt  June 5th

    Great tips. Too often we just want to go as quick as possible but taking an hour or two to prepare is well worth it.

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