What do you think of this print ad from Harley Davidson. Obviously it’s meant to be funny, but is it a little close to the border? I think it’s pretty good, but I didn’t really expect Harley to be that daring.

Harley Davidson print ad
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Via Hog Blog.

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14 Responses to “Pretty daring Harley ad”

  1. Dan  March 2nd

    HAHA! Oh, that is good. And ya, Harley has been way too puppy-dogs-and-ice-cream these days…

    I wouldn’t have expected this from them either.

  2. Daveroad  March 3rd

    I think its a little sick, the old guy and the under age girl..?

  3. Jesper  March 4th

    Sure it’s a little sick, that’s the joke.

  4. Morten  March 5th

    Don’t really appreciate that kind of humor. Are you sure it is authentic?

  5. Big Cab Daddy  March 6th

    I like it! The whole 18 thing is bogus in today’s society anyway. If we’re going to raise the kids on sex, they become sexual creatures earlier. At least the biker in the ad references marrying her. What we have going on in actuality isn’t even THAT civilized.

  6. Jesper  March 7th

    “they become sexual creatures earlier” that’s a bit of a nasty point of view.

    I think of the ad as a dodgy ironic joke, like we all like them best. Not something I’d encourage in reality.

    Don’t know about the authenticity, but I have my doubts. Haven’t heard anything about it being fake though.

  7. Brent  March 12th

    That is a great advertisement…I wish there were others.

    18 is old by most of the Deep South Standards….darn near a grandmother…..

  8. Pan Chopper Man  March 20th

    Maybe Daveroad and Morten ought to get a room. It’s about time H-D grew some balls. Of course, the ad would kick ass so much better if this pretty boy were sitt’n on a PANCHOPPER!

  9. Dan  March 22nd

    Just think how bad it would have be if it read girlfriend, chic or woman instread of wife. Somehow using wife implies morales and still keeps the bad boy image. Bad boys seem to be associated more with sport bikes these days and harleys are ridden by “wild hogs”.

  10. Elizabeth Jury  April 3rd

    Ah Harley, you never cease to make me laugh.

  11. Mark  August 5th

    Reminds me of one of my old ridin’ partners- the “old man” of our little group at the ripe old age of 45- when he went to Myrtle Beach one summer and hooked up with a young lady of 19 or so. She told him “You’re old enough to be my Dad.”, to which he replied, “Yeah, but I ain’t.” As for me, I met my wife 23 years ago when I was 28 and she was 19. I don’t think I have the energy or patience now to raise another one.

  12. sam  December 20th

    The point of the ad is that there is a double entendre with the fact that he won’t let her “RIDE IT” until she’s 18. This gets harley off the hook as it implies the idea that they have not consummated their relationship sexually.

    And add the point that he’s not gonna let his woman ride his Harley ever.

  13. Ashley  March 11th

    Sam I’m right there with ya! That’s what I say with this add.
    The overall lighting of this ad also adds to the “bad boy” way of thinking. Especially the tags in the background. I’m righting a paper on Harley-Davidson and found this: http://hallchris.blogspot.com/2010/11/1950s-test-print-harley-davidson.html I’d say Harley-Davidson has always been daring;-)

  14. JB  May 22nd

    This is kinda beyond messed up. Basiclly this ad implies that harley davidson riders are into underage girls and sick perverts that promote pedofiles. I honestly find this ad to be digusting and can’t beleive a company with such a bold reputation would ever publish something like this. I can see the humor in it but really the whole idea is fucking digusting.

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