Here’s the first glimpse from this weekends U.S. Motorcycle and Car Meet. This wicked panhead won first prize in the organizers choice category. The scoot is built from the ground up by its owner Johan from MachoCustom, and I had the honor of doing the pinstriping. I’ll do a full feature post on the bike later, with all the specs for you techies. But for now it’s just a tease, while I sort through the 334 photos I shot at the event.

Pinstriped Panhead Chopper

And a close up on the stripe job (excuse the crappy photo, was to lazy to fetch my tripod, and to hungover shaky to hold the camera still).

Pinstriped Panhead Chopper Close Up

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10 Responses to “Prizewinning pinstriped panhead”

  1. Vespa Motorcycle  August 21st

    Very nice!

  2. Jesper  August 21st

    Yea, who said swing arm choppers, can’t be cool as hell.

  3. Dusty  August 21st

    Great job for a fantastic bike.

  4. Jesper  August 21st

    Thanks, Dusty.

  5. Pan Chopper Man  August 22nd

    Hey Jesper buddy, c’mon over and do my pan. We can then admire it over a few brews.
    By the way, how long will it take you to get here (Maine)?

    Also… what’s up with the license plate size??? Are the cops over there near-sighted?

  6. Jesper  August 22nd

    Yea, license plates here are fucking huge. We all hate it. No where to put them without messing up the bike.

    It takes about 11-13 hours to get to Maine from Denmark, I think.

    I’ll let you know if I’m going to a show near Maine someday. Unless you want to fly me in just to stripe your bike 😉

  7. Tim  August 24th

    Very nice bobber. I’m not a big fan of choppers, but this one looks quite ridable.

  8. JMBikerWarehouse  September 1st

    Really nice work on your panhead.

  9. JMBikerWarehouse  September 1st

    Nice pan head

  10. Pan Chopper Man  September 19th

    I love flat black!

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