Here’s an article I found saying that Tarantino has produced a new motorcycle movie. According to IMDB, the filming i s wrapped, and it’s now in post production.

“After a long period of rumor and speculation, Quentin Tarantino’s “Hell Ride” has finally received the green light. According to longtime Tarantino collaborator and leading man Michael Madsen, who is set to star in the movie, Tarantino just recently received the good news. “It’s a motorcycle picture,” Madsen reported, squinting and rasping in his trademark style. The film, which Tarantino will produce, was written and will be directed by actor Larry Bishop. “He was the one in the [strip] club [in ‘Kill Bill 2’] who tells me to take my hat off,” Madsen said. “Hell Ride” will be “reminiscent of the ’70s, those motorcycle pictures they made with Joe Namath; the really bad B-movie motorcycle movies,” he continued. “We’re gonna make it like that, but in modern times, with that kind of idea behind it. I think that’s what makes it fun.” The project, a revenge-fueled tale of three “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”-type characters, is slated begin filming soon. …”

Source: MTV

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

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5 Responses to “Quentin Tarantino behind new motorcycle movie”

  1. christine  December 5th

    I’ll look forward to this……….hopefully soon?

  2. Billy Lane  December 10th

    Quent and I go back way back . The movie will be a box office hit and will probably be a number one seller for a long time to come . I just hope that Quent does not have a lot of profanity in it like his other movies . I hope he portrays the bikers in the movies as good holsome people not like PAN CHOPPER MAN AND FATHEAD , those people are dirtbag bikers and should never be allowed in Europe or Mexico. Until I get out of prison , god bless and good luck , Words of Advise , If ya gonna drink and drive , dont kill a biker you will go to PRISON . I learned my lesson .
    Billy Lane 2007

  3. Jesper  December 10th

    I’m pretty sure, Lane lives in Melbourne Florida, not Maine where that comment is from. I do know someone who lives in Maine though. How about you Panman?

  4. Pan Chopper Man  December 12th

    OK, first of all, …here’s the good and wholesome Pan Chopper Man leaning forward in his comfortable computer chair to focus in on some “what th’fuck” words he’s reading from some gum-headed Mainer who’s saying he’s Billy Lane.

    Second of all, …Nobody calls Mr. Tanantino “Quent” unless they’ve kissed his ass, or fed him fresh thousand dollar bills.
    You done that Mr.”Lane”?
    Oh, that’s right, you’re in prison. I guess you’d be able enough to kiss plenty of asses but I’m not so sure about the money.

    As for calling me and my GOOD friend Fathead …”dirtbags”, well, you need to sleep with one eye open from now on boy, …cause I know exactly where you live.

    Hey Jesper, Buddy, I’m not allowed in Canada, and fuck Mexico, but I’d give my left nut to come over and ride in your country with you guys. Have a beer on me. I’ll pay for it when I get there someday.

  5. Sasha  February 8th

    Ah…yeah…that’s not Billy.

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