This recipe for adventure is available to any one of us, but is rarely prepared because we all live so well planned and convenient lives that we seldom think of it.

The ingredients are very simple, all you need is:

  • 1 Motorcycle of your personal preference
  • 1 Minimum of luggage (can you live with out it, don’t bring it)
  • 1 Destination at least a good days travel away
  • A few days free in the calender with no plans
  • 1 You in your riding gear

You can prepare the dish any old way you feel like, that is sort of the point of it. But a good result is best achieved by not planning to much ahead. In fact it’s recommendable to plan a little less than you’re comfortable with for an “al dente” result. Just get your but on the road and go, is a good start.

Heading out for adventure

A few weekends ago I had planned to attend Bedrock pre ’54 bike and car meet. Then I learned that Scott and Zack (who made the movie Choppertown) was in Hamburg that same weekend. I’ve known the guys a few years, but never actually met them in person. So now that they where only a days ride away, not meeting up with them for a beer or two would be kind of lame.

“To hell with it”, I thought “I’ll go to Hamburg on Friday, and from there to Bedrock on Saturday”. I learned that some other Danes was going to Hamburg as well for the Hamburg Harley Days, and they had some spare room in a caravan they rented.

Fast forward to the day of departure, the other Danes have bailed out in the last minute (there had been rumors of slight rain fall), I have no place to sleep in Hamburg, every hotel is booked, and I’m hesitating if I should go or not. Luckily I got a hold of Zack and he said he’d try and work something out, and if all should fail I could crash on the floor in their hotel room. That was enough for me, and off I went.

A few minor showers is all I saw on the way there. One was when I stopped at a gas station. A good time to have a smoke and fiddle a bit with the phone camera.

As you can see I reached my destination. We had a bloody good time, and it was great meeting all the guys. From the left. Johnny, Scott, Me, Kutty, Zack, and Lütz. Three different nationalities, one common interest in old iron with wheels.

Zack and Scott did a great job in helping me find a place to crash. Dickies is sponsoring the One World Tour, and Olaf (who works for Dickies) and his wife was kind enough to let me crash on a spare bed. I never met Olaf before but with a common interest in motorcycles we instantly hit it off, and ended up kicking tires and drinking beers in his (very nice) garage until 2 in the morning.

A few hours of sleeping like a baby, and I was back on the abandoned Saturday morning Hamburg roads heading back to Denmark, and Bedrock. The rest of the weekend, as they say, is history.

A series of fortunate unfortunate events

Had the other Danes not backed out, I’m not sure I would have had such a good time. Riding out alone and without knowing where the heck I was going to sleep or anything, really forced me to keep a positive attitude and be open towards meeting new people.

I rode more than 800km (500 miles) that weekend on my 35 year old shovelhead chopper. Had no problems what so ever with the bike, and believe me I wasn’t holding back to spare it.

So not only did I make more new friends than I had dreamed of, I also found out that my bike hauls ass and will take me where ever I want to go.

That my friends is what you call “one hell of a weekend”. I can not emphazise enough how much you got to try it. Just go, doesn’t have to be around the world to be an adventure. The destination is only an excuse to make the trip.

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16 Responses to “Recipe for one hell of a weekend”

  1. David  July 25th

    Love this post….

    Living in Germany has made me plan too much , and as a result I did not make any of my planned bike trips last year.

    This year I am a bit more relaxed, (some major shocksearly this year recalibrated my head)

    in 2 weeks Im off to the alps. one of the weekend is arranged the other 7 days not. Maybe Stelvio pass, maybe all the alpine passes, maybe just chilling by a lake in Swizelrand, maybe ill make it to the Cechz MotoGP… watch this space for an update.

  2. Jimmi  July 25th

    It takes guts to do that, respect!

  3. rick  July 26th

    That is the only way to fly!

  4. Whiteline  July 27th

    Love the stories from ALL over the world. It’s really cool that you’re able to make those runs! I’ve made the journey from Arizona to Sturgis, South Dakota 3 times and the road has always proven it can tell a good tale!

    Ride safe

  5. The Snark  July 30th

    I envy your trip. Now that I’m a corporate slave all I can do I read blogs like yours and dream.

  6. Tony  July 30th

    Hello .. I was just passing through looking for inspiration for posts on my blog and stumbled across your blog.. just thought i would post and say hello.. Ive just started my own new blog about bike games over at and was hoping you would be interested in a link or content exchange maybe.. if so please let me know.. great blog by the way 😛

  7. Zack  July 30th

    It was awesome seeing you too, Jesper! We had the best time in Europe!

  8. Catherine  August 2nd

    Sounds like an awesome time. I have to agree. My husband and I just need to take a weekend and travel.

    California shoreline trip sounds awesome right now.

  9. Kano  August 4th

    Great Post! I think you’re onto something there. I’ve been wanting to do something like that (unplanned travel)for a long time. Your post just re-kindled the spark and I’m going to get out there and do it!

  10. fasthair  August 4th


    These are in deed some of the best trips to take. I dream of one of these years to get to your part of the world and ride some of that wonderfull part of the world. With any luck I will get lucky and be able to make it happen.


  11. Jack  August 5th

    I like your ingredients for a great tour.

  12. Nixon  August 9th

    I am a newbie rider when it comes to long distant scenic riding. But just reading your post is so inspirational which makes me want to plan a nice trip too. Keep up the great job and ride safe.

  13. motorcycle jackets  August 15th

    Incredible trip! Makes me want to get out and just keep riding and not come back. Keep up the great posts like this.

  14. Modded Cars  August 24th

    Wow that’s great buddy, a wonderful bike with a perfect design.
    Thanks for the post.

  15. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    You’re not hte only The Snark who dreams of those too!

  16. Teaser for the new movie The One World Tour | Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog  July 23rd

    […] my Shovelhead to go meet them in Hamburg. Turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done. You can read the story here. Back then I only thought it was one of the best things that happened that year. But looking back […]

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