Right on Alexanderplatz in Berlin lies the Berlin Motorcycle Museum. Judging by the amount of billboards and gimmicks that lead you to the museum you might expect something larger. I had half an hour to go through the exhibits and reached the end after ten minutes. But having realized that I probably wasn’t going to see many other brands than MZ I gave it a little more time and went over the exhibition again. That’s when I found out that it was only motorcycles from the DDR, which had totally escaped me when I saw their billboards. If you notice the photo of the mural advertising the museum, it’s not exactly something the emphasize either.

The machines they have are very beautifully restored and looks almost like they have never left the factory floor. Considering that the entry fee was only 5.5 Euro I think the Berlin (DDR) Motorcycle Museum is well worth a visit. Although they don’t exactly “under promise, over deliver”. As Alexanderplatz is a transport hub anyway, I’d recommend coming twenty minutes early to your means of transportation and pop in to the museum while you wait.

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3 Responses to “Review of Berlin Motorcycle Museum”

  1. Sam  July 27th

    I’ve got a MZ 660 Skorpion. Love it, such character with that 660cc thumping engine. Sounds like this museum would be a cool way of checking out the company history of MZ for all MZ and MuZ enthusiasts.

  2. marcelino  July 28th

    The second one down from the left is the most interesting to me. I like the deco styling and the white walls. All are quite interesting, thanks for sharing.

  3. Max Manroe  August 13th

    Classic biker will loves these motorbike, but not for me lol. I like for newer motorbike. I’m not surprised that bike on museum, they have an old style and time to rest lol. But thanks for sharing this post, I enjoy it.


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