If you’re both a motorcycle nutter and a gaming geek, news of new motorcycle games probably graps your attention. In 2009 there’s a new game coming called Ride to Hell (watch the trailer below). There’s not much information out, but it looks like it’s sort of a GTA style 60’s biker gang thing. Where eastern european gangsters is replaced with hard boiled bikers doing whatever it is they do.

There’s been very few successful motorcycle games over the years. Usually motorcycles only play a small part in otherwise car oriented arcade racing games. The only remotely successful dedicated motorcycle game I know of is the Moto Grand Prix series.

A reason why it’s so hard creating good motorcycle games is probably that steering a real motorcycle very much involves body movement. Unless you have the simulation like setup some arcade machines have, you’re pretty much screwed. A joystick or gamepad doesn’t really cut it and few people have the room or money for an arcade machine.

That means if core game play is just about riding, people will loose interest after satisfying their initial curiosity. I imagine that Ride to Hell could have a chance for success if there’s going to be a multiplayer and PVP element, like we know it from World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online and so on. Say you could form a bad ass biker gang with your friends and trash other biker gangs while you grind resources to fund bike and weapon upgrades by various dodgy business activities. That might have some potential if performed right.

I’m looking forward to trying Ride to Hell, but honestly I don’t expect that much of it. But one can always hope.

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6 Responses to “Ride to Hell – New motorcycle game coming”

  1. 125cc Bikes  October 24th

    It looks like it’ll be just like GTA, except you can ride motorbikes. Oh wait…

    Anyone remember Road Rash? Now that was a great motorbike game!

  2. LumpyCam  October 28th

    Road Rash was great! After playing that game i’m always a little disappointed when i check the toolkit on a new bike and it doesn’t come with battle chains.

  3. Mac @ Motorcycle Fairing  October 30th

    It definitely will be a must have, particularly for those who love bikes… like me!

  4. hayze  November 9th

    Sweet looking game. I love it that they took it to the ’60s. That’s hardcore. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Scott  December 16th

    I’d definitely play it but it won’t do the biker image any good.

  6. motorbike games  July 11th

    nice motorbike, i always like motorbike games. this game give fun for me.

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