The Hornet packed for touring at Lac d'Annecy in France

In his latest post Abensinger from “In the Scene” mention Carolyn and Peter who are touring on their sports bikes and say “I’m impressed with anyone riding sport bikes these distances”.

Actually my Honda CB 900 F Hornet (919) is way more comfortable on longer distances than my Yamaha XVS 650 Dragstar was. Last summer on our trip to France we rode about a 1000 km (620 miles) on the first day, it took us about twelve ours, and surprisingly neither of us had sore buts.

In 2002 we were on a single day trip on the Dragstar, and ended up doing around 700 km (430 miles) and at the end of the day we could hardly stand.

My old Yamaha XVS 650 Dragstar.

I heard an explanation once that it’s because on a sport bike your body weight is evenly distributed on your hands, legs, seat and most important inner thighs. On cruisers, because of the upright riding position, the wide handlebars and the forward controls, your weight is placed directly on your coccyx giving you sore buns faster.

Goes to show, cruisers are not necessarily the mile eaters people think they are and naked bikes are not just for blasting around town. But who cares if you get a sore but or aching shoulders, when you’re riding your bike of choice into the sunset. There’s no beating, feeling used after a long day on the bike and several hundred miles of road behind you is there?

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5 Responses to “Riding sport bikes long distances.”

  1. -J.  February 20th

    My ’01 Honda Interceptor is the most comfortable long distance mount for me ever – even more so than my close second, a ’99 BMW F650 “rolling couch”. I think a lot of it is changing small things about the bike to fit you exactly – bar position, lever angles, foot position, seat…

  2. Jesper  February 21st

    Hi J thanks for commenting.

    I haven’t tried an Interceptor yet, but I?ve always reckoned that if I should choose a sports touring bike the Interceptor would be my choice. If you have some ride descriptions or want to tell people about the Interceptor, you are welcome to mail them to me and I?ll post them here.

  3. vells airbrushing  February 5th

    Planing on riding my soon to be street bike, (can’t make up my mind, cbr 1000, or suzuki) from va to philly, just not into driving my truck, and its going to be my first bike

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