Hollywood is scared shitless these days of creating something new and risk making less profitable investments. So remake upon remake of old hits seems to be their recipe out of the crisis.

Two old sci-fi classics are under the axe. Robocop and Judge Dredd, and they both have new motorcycles to boot.

Seems like flat black spray paint is on sale as well. Maybe I’m getting old and grumpy. But wouldn’t you expect a little more with the technology available today?

The Robocop Motorcycle

The Judge Dredd Motorcycle

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5 Responses to “New Robocop VS. Judge Dredd Motorcycles”

  1. eldo  December 6th

    Dredd is not a remake.

  2. Jesper Bram  December 6th

    So it’s a sequel?

  3. Craig winder  December 7th

    The Judge Dredd Motorcycle is look rocks. Both pictures are good.

  4. David Grey  December 7th

    Something along the lines of Batman’s motorcycle from the recent movies would have been a good alternative for these guys to ride

  5. facebook fans  January 3rd

    With Jose Padilha‘s remake of RoboCop, not only is the title character getting a new suit, apparently he’s getting a new mode of transportation too. While the RoboCop of 1987 was happy piloting a standard police cruiser, the RoboCop of 2014 (the film was just pushed back) will rock a sleek new motorcycle. After the jump, check out a ton of photos of Robo’s new ride as well as a video of the bike in action. Plus, get a glimpse of his gun, a fan-favorite feature of RoboCop.

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