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Visited a motorcycle trade show in Denmark this weekend and at the Yamaha booth they had Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP race bike exhibited. I don’t know if it where just for show, but there was a price tag on it 8.000.000kr (that’s around 1.45 million USD).

I’m Not sure it’s road legal though, looks like the exhaust would need a bit of work to be in compliance with noise regulations. You also might want to tell your insurance guy to sit down before you ask him for a quote, but the 240 horsepower on 145 kilos sure will get you to work real fast.

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If you want some of these photos in their original uncompressed size, just mail me and I’ll send them to you.

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6 Responses to “Rossi’s MotoGP Yamaha for sale.”

  1. Anonymous  May 17th

    my guess is the price is the value assigned by yamaha to each bike. no way a factory bike would be sold for at least 5 years though, too much black magic unobtanium to be found…. after being beaten by this bike, 1.5 million is pocket change to honda (or suzuki, kawasaki, aprilia, ducati, morwaki, harris WCM, ktm… you get the picture

  2. Anonymous  September 4th

    i would pay 100000000$ for this bike! rossi is the champion.

  3. Jesper  June 12th

    Yes, I’m sure the price tag was just for show

  4. John Smith  July 30th

    If I had the money to spend just on something like that, and it was ACTUALLY for sale… I wouldnt think twice about buying it!
    That thing would be in my garage right now! I probably wouldnt be on the computer right now cause I’d be oogaling over it

  5. john  April 2nd

    it really cost yamaha 200k. so y the hell would u pay 7 times more. just make it urself if u have the money.

  6. minster  May 20th

    hi rossi is a legend and tbh i would NOT pay 200k for this bike because its not worth it. its not road legal……

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