A Michelin Pilot Power review (2/2) So are these tyres as great as everyone say they are? Well, it’s only my third set on the Honda 919, so I’m not saying that there isn’t any other as good as the Pilot Powers or better out there. But I know I just had an awesome time on the Djursland racetrack, in the wet with a just broken in pair of Michelin Pilot Power. It was my third track event on the Honda Hornet (919 in the US), and I am starting to get things close to the beginning of right (you don’t want to sound bloated, do yer?). Luckily it rained when we started out; of course we hated it in the beginning, but at the end of the day it dried up and most of us agreed that getting to ride in both conditions was perfect.

Honda_919_Pilot_power_wet_tRiding the wet track on the Pilot Powers was like riding on rails, no slips or jittering at all. One of the instructors told us before the first laps, that he was riding on slicks so if he didn’t fall nor would we, with our road tyres. Maybe I took his words a bit too literal, because after the second pass another instructor sort of hinted that I might not want to go any faster in those conditions. Something about praying in his helmet that I wouldn’t crash, when I passed him in a sharp left curve. I took his friendly advice and put a lid on it till the track dried up. Rest of the day just kept getting better, after a while the sun came out and we got some great passes on the dry and hot track as well. After that experience the Michelin Pilot Power’s are my new best friend. Now the only thing left is how long they will last me. I hope it’s long but if it’s not Dave from Canyon Chasers is trying out some Continentals Road Attack tyres, which they claim have the same grip as the Pilot Power but the durability of Pilot Road.

Rating after several miles on wet and dry roads and tracks: Helmet_rating_four
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