March_2006Here we go again. The 1st of March and the official beginning of the motorcycle season were yesterday. But it seems like we’ve been blessed with a little more snow, as the late Mr. Cash said, (except that was rain). We didn’t want to go ride our precious motorcycles that have been tucked away all winter anyway. We are not going insane with envy of those of you who live in a part of the world where you can ride now. No! We are very happy to sit back and wait another month or so for the snow and salt to disappear. This is the second year in a row it’s been like this. I seriously don’t hope it’s going to be that way from now on. So while we wait for spring, I’ll put on some circus music and go murder someone with an axe (just kidding, of course I would never listen to circus music). I’m so glad I’m going snowboarding in Austria next week. That will take my mind of the fact that I could actually ride my bike right now for the first time in several months. So, those of you who can ride now, please take a few extra turns in sympathy of us poor Scandinavian folk.

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5 Responses to “Same procedure as last year”

  1. Jeff  March 3rd

    Sorry to see the weather is foul back there. Here in western Washington, USA, we’ve got some pretty decent pre-spring weather, with one or two good riding days a week (at best…sometimes none).

  2. Dennis  March 8th

    Same here. If you go south for a few hundred km to germany, you will still find the same wheather: Around 0?C and snow everywhere. Frustrating :-/

  3. Christine  March 13th

    32 Degrees today with light snow flurries.


    We rode.

    Our mantra as we ride…”we’re not really cold, we’re not really cold.”

    We know we are lying to ourselves, but hey, what is that saying about perception??


  4. Anonymous  March 20th

    Great motorcycle blog! I Ride a Honda 919, but it’s great to read about other people’s bikes like yours.

    Hopefully it will start warming up and we (all of us in cold climate weather) can all get back on the road.

    1st day of spring!!!!!

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