First episode of our Scotland motorcycle tour is shot south of Edinburgh entering Scotland (see google maps) and around Glencoe village (google maps).

As you can see the weather was scorching and the scenery is nothing short of fantastic. My sincerest thanks go to the Scottish road workers for putting such wonderful twisty roads in such amazing landscape. The A82 and the smaller road around Loch Leven is excellent.

If you go to the area around Glencoe I can recommend the Red Squirrel Campsite (their website is totally off though, but don’t let that fool you). Not the fanciest place, but it has what you need, the people are nice, and there’s a pub 10 minutes walk away serving food and drink.

Notice the soundtrack on the video. That’s a wicked up and coming rock band called Priestess. They play their ass off in a good solid rock’n roll kind of way. If you like it, check out their site for more tracks.

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8 Responses to “Scotland Motorcycle video episode 1”

  1. David  August 1st

    Hi Jesper,

    Very glad you had such a great ride in my homeland. I love the blog too. A friend of mine has just passed his bike test and were thinking of doing a litte shakedown tour to get him used to his bike and gear. (Next year will be a longer tour of course) I was considering A round tour of Denmark, as it pretty close to Hamburg where we both stay now. I was thinking Naestved, KBH, Odense, Arhus , Aalborg, Esbjerg and back to HH. Any reccomendations? Also would love to have a bike blog but never really had enough material to keep it interesting , what do you think about the idea of having other contributers to your helmet hair blog? Like works with online journalists/bloggers all contributing. Also see my perosnal blog site which has a few entries related to biking. Cheers
    David T

  2. Jesper  August 1st

    Hey David,
    Congratulate your friend from me, always nice to have more bikers.

    I’ve been to Hamburg a few times, It’s only like 300km away from Copenhagen so its easily done there and back again in a day.

    I have more recommendations than I can list here if you are looking for good rides in Denmark. Drop me a line when you plan to go and I’ll tell you what I know.

    You are always more than welcome to send me your motorcycle stories and photos. Just use the contact email you find at the bottom of the site or on the about page. I look through everything I get, so just shoot.


  3. bent  August 1st

    Ja det er en fed tur, det var s? 1. kapitel. Skal vi s? se hvor I har v?ret? men ellers fed musik og fed film.

  4. Chris Wilcox  August 2nd

    Cool video, cool tunes! Be careful man! You could get killed riding on the wrong side of the road like that! It was a trip to see you riding the opposite side of the road that I do here in the United States. Thanks for the show!

  5. Jesper  August 2nd

    Yes, driving on the left side of the road did take some getting used to. I’m glad I was not in a car, at least on a motorcycle the position of the controls remain the same.

  6. Paul  August 2nd


    When I saw the video link, I though, “ugh, not another video with rock and roll music just showing the view from a bike-mounted camera”.

    Well, it was another video with rock and roll music just showing the view from a bike-mounted camera but I must say that, contrary to my expectations, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I started thinking about the switch in mentality I’d have to have if I were to take a video camera instead of a photographic camera like I usually do.

    Anyway, making a video would not be my cup of tea, but I’m certainly glad you made that one!



    PS: I’m slowly translating my blog into english: – Not much there yet though.

  7. Jesper  August 2nd

    Glad you liked it Paul. Think I feel the same as you with those rock music accompanied videos be it motorcycles, skateboards, skydivers etc.

    Trick is to keep it short and simple I think. It’s not that we don’t like motorcycle videos, oh no. But downloading 40mb of video of some dude driving around for an hour gets pretty boring.

  8. Morten  August 3rd

    Hi – very cool edited video. Nice quality pictures that helmet camera of yours has. Seems like you had very good weather overthere.

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