You owe it to your self to check out the motorcycle photos of Scott Pommier. He’s a skate photographer by day, but at night his passion for motorcycles comes out and he turn the lenses on our favorite topic. Go check it out. The motorcycle photos are mixed in with some other stuff, but just flick around a bit. Almost everyone of his photos would make a nice poster in your garage.

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6 Responses to “Scott Pommier motorcycle photos”

  1. Liz (Rippin Kitten)  February 28th

    He has some really nice photos. Thanks for the link, I’d have never heard of him otherwise.

  2. Road Captain  February 29th

    Cool stuff!

  3. Motorcycle Forum  March 3rd

    Scott is no doubt a talented photographer. I’ve bookmarked his site and will check back often.

  4. Motorcycle videos  March 6th

    Definitely nice picture and the website is not too bad either, you can find other good pictures there.

  5. SheRidesABeemer  March 14th

    That is one bleak view of life he has there.

  6. glamourbaby69  March 17th

    brilliant,love the pics

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