You got to have some balls to try this one. Guess it’s sorta logical that it’s possible, with people riding upside down in cages and all. But doing it on cliffs and with a drop like that, yeiks!

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7 Responses to “Sick motorcycle wall ride”

  1. BMWmoto  April 21st

    That is crazy…I don’t think I’d ever even attempt that.

  2. Brian  April 28th

    That is insane! If one is doing it, there’s gotta be more just as crazy. Might be a fun weekend watching people do that.

  3. ATV Urge  April 29th

    Wow, that some crazy guy. Wish I was that brave. It would be a fun but short life I think 🙂

  4. rick  April 30th

    No way!

  5. Pan Chopper Man  May 25th

    I wonder how many dead bodies and mangled bikes are at the bottom of that cliff.

    Pan Chopper Man

  6. R.J.  June 21st

    Yeah, Umm, I think I’ll stick to my streetbike. That’s just crazy.

  7. Streetfighter  July 14th

    That is insane! I definitely don’t have the nerve to try something like that!

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