Spectacular motorcycle magic

November 9th, 2006 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Spectacular motorcycle magic | View blog reactions

Here’s something to behold. Magician bad boy pop goth heavy metal illusionist Criss Angel does an unbelievable card trick while riding a huge bling bling chopper. He even wears the right biker gear; leather pants, bandanna, and shades. I don’t know, but it appears this dude might have fallen into the Poison pot when he was a kid, he’s rocking some serious mid 80’s glam-rock style.

You got to appreciate the hard work of the biker type he’s doing the trick to. Must have taken a good deal of concentration to go “yea! man” “No you didn’t” “whoa! you’re sick man” and even the “that’s why they call you the mind freak, man” without pissing himself laughing.

Well, without further a due, stand back and behold the mighty magic of Criss Angel.

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