Yea, it’s that time again. The day you’ve been waiting for all winter…and as usual the weather gods decide to throw some shit in your face.


The photo is of my fabulous winter ride taken yesterday. The funny part is that it’s the most snow we’ve seen all freaking winter, and of course it has to come on the first days of spring.

It’s been exactly like that for years now, and I have the documentation to prove it. This is spring 2005, this is spring 2006. I don’t have anything on 2007, guess I was too pissed off to even write about it.

Luckily I got a few miles in on the Honda last Saturday, even though it was pouring I just had to ride again. Now I’m glad I did because, as you can see, two days later the snow and frost came.

I sincerely hope you have better spring weather where you are.

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12 Responses to “Spring is here get your bikes out”

  1. David  March 6th

    Greetings from St Petersburg fellow riders. This is the only place in the wrold where I have not seen any motorbikes!
    OK it is minus 6 and the roads are covered in ice and crazy russian drivers but the traffic is so bad that it takes hours to get anywhere in rush hour.

    Maybe in the summer the place is full of scooters and bikes?

  2. superbikeforums  March 6th

    This year is looking good for me so far as I managed to have a lovely day for my first trackday of the year at silverstone last week 🙂

  3. Bruno  March 6th

    Yeah – spring! We had minus 11° this morning. Bloody cold on the scooter, I swaer!

  4. Jesper  March 6th

    Things are starting to look brighter here. Forecast for the next couple of days say lots of rain and temperatures above zero. So hopefully all the salt will be washed off the roads and by the end of next weekend we can sneak out on the bikes again.

  5. Pan Chopper Man  March 8th

    Jesper… you haven’t got it so bad. At least you don’t seem to have any snow and ice on the ground.
    We’ve still got about three feet of accumulated white stuff everywhere you look! The parking lots have piles of snow heaped up so high that it won’t melt off till July!! I’m depressed.
    If ya want to see how depressed… look at my blog:

    Send some of that nice warm 40 degree weather over here to Maine.

  6. Dale Anderson  March 9th

    cold, cold, cold, here in Wisconsin.

  7. Serge  March 9th

    I have been riding through the winter here in MD; its been mild. Mostly done short rides though 1-2 hrs a day. Now its worming up, I can put away 5-6 hrs on the weekend 😉 Cant wait!

  8. Road Captain  March 12th

    Got the bike off the jack and on the road this evening. Glad to be back on two wheels in Delaware!

  9. glamourbaby69  March 17th

    hoping to hire a bike to travel through Europe this year,can anyone give me some suggestions on which would be the best to do this…need to get away from this english cold

  10. Shepdaddy  March 20th

    Picked up my new bike from the dealer on Saturday. It was +5 in Toronto Canada. I just couldn’t wait any longer. We’ve been covered in snow since early November. The thermostat is flirting with 0 degrees right now. Hoping to ride to work tomorrow.

  11. Motorycle Man  March 25th

    Thank god I live in Miami. I hate cold weather…

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