Who said you can’t ride your motorcycle when there’s snow up to your hips. With the neat SwitchTraxx Conversion Kit, you’ll be scooting merrily around in the fresh powder snow like the dude in this video. A bloody brilliant idea if you ask me.

Of course an off-road bike like the KTM in the video seems like the obvious choice, but how about fitting those babies on a Hayabusa, or a Milwaukee hot dog stand. I bet those things even fit in the panniers when you ride on dry roads, then you’d have a serious all year all conditions touring hog.

Via: www.trendhunter.com

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12 Responses to “Switch Traxx – Motorcycle to snowmobile conversion kit”

  1. Ray  March 10th

    that is crazy i am going to get one

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  3. kenny  January 26th

    where do i get one of these Switch Traxx – Motorcycle Snow Conversion Kit (VIDEO)

  4. Jesper  January 26th

    Don’t know sorry. Been trying to find them since i posted this last year. Seems no one is manufacturing them for retail.

  5. stomper  February 10th

    you can order them offline, radix and a few other companies make em but they cost about 4000 a pop

  6. Terry Shepherd  February 15th

    What’s all this white stuff on the road? They are the funniest wheels I’ve ever seen on a bike and as for the brakes…..

    Might be a bit of a hoot to fit these on a 990 Supaduke, don’t you think? Always provided you live somewhere this white stuff turns up.

  7. Hebrides Guy  March 10th

    I wonder if anybody would be interested in doing a similar conversion into a Jet Ski as I can’t aford one but I have a clapped out old bike:-(

  8. jonk  May 19th

    Check out our vids of the 2moto conversion kit catchin air, they’re super fun!

  9. aaron  January 20th

    were can i bye one of the switch traxx kits

  10. aaron  January 20th


  11. mychel  March 5th

    I want to put wheels on my snowmobile… anybody know where to get a kit for that?

  12. Joe  June 12th

    snowmobile to 3 wheeler yav-usa, LLC
    web page is http://www.yav-usa.com

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