If you’ve been following this blog for a while, maybe you remember back in 2008 when the movie makers Zack and Scott from Choppertown was on tour in Europe. Back then I did a little trip on my Shovelhead to go meet them in Hamburg. Turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done. You can read the story here. Back then I only thought it was one of the best things that happened that year. But looking back two years later, meeting all those cool people who worked on their own things and just made stuff happen. That was definitely one of the key turning points in deciding to go full time into my own business.

I very much believe that this is what riding motorcycles is all about. Go places, meet new people, travel light. Step out side your comfort zone and life will happen. Motorcycles are especially good for that because you can’t carry so much of your crap with you.

Well anyway the Choppertown guys are coming out with a new movie called “The One World Tour” from their tour of Europe. Here’s the teaser for it. If you close. It has my bike in it. Free imaginary beer to the first one who finds it.

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11 Responses to “Teaser for the new movie The One World Tour”

  1. Morten K  July 23rd

    Isn’t it the bike when the Hamburg text appears at 0:33 min. ?

  2. Jesper  July 23rd

    Ha ha yes, Morten. That’s the one. You’ve won a big old imaginary beer any flavor you like. 😀

  3. Jake M.  July 23rd

    I couldn’t agree more on the “travel light and meet new people” philosophy. Motorcycle = freedom

  4. ghd uk  July 30th

    travel light and meet new people,I think it is well.

  5. spiderman  July 31st

    nice, I love these bikes

  6. Cynthia Q.  July 31st

    So agree with the meet new people—and while the traveling light is relative as we are packing our entire lives for a 5 year trip around the world on the Suzuki GS850, it is freeing to not have so much to deal with and just enjoy the open road.

  7. Cynthia Q.  July 31st

    P.S. Congrats on having your wheels featured! Cool deal!

  8. Technical Jobs  August 11th

    Very nice video and cool motor bikes, wish that I could have one of those.

  9. Unsecured Business Credit Lines  August 19th

    Great wheels, I love traveling to different places in the world using motorbike.

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  11. ukbiker  November 30th

    Man these are my dream bikes but my dad hate bikes some body tell him that bikes are the most coolest thing in the world……

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