Tech-tip: Fix cracked fairing with Lego

January 25th, 2006 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Tech-tip: Fix cracked fairing with Lego | View blog reactions

LegoHere is a tech-tip you don’t see every day; repair your cracked fairing with Lego®. I haven’t actually tried this, but stumbled on the tip on a Danish Moto Guzzi site. Apparently you can repair cracks in your fairing by using a paste of Lego® dissolved in acetone. The idea is to take a glass jar, pour some acetone in it, and dump a few Lego® blocks in the acetone and wait for it to dissolve into a caramel like paste. When you have the right amount of Lego-paste, you should be able to smudge it on the cracked fairing with a tablespoon. Leave it to dry and sand it down to the desired finish. That’s it; crack fixed all you need now is to paint it. If you didn’t use Lego® blocks the same colour as your fairing that is. I wonder what repair solutions I’ve missed by discarding my childhood ActionMan® collection.

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