Every motorcycle show has its share of dolled up vixens fueled on prying eyes and bacardi breezers. Here’s a few that you could find strolling around on Scandinavian Custom Show.

If you missed the photos of the motorcycles. You can find them here

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7 Responses to “The babes from Scandinavian Custom Show”

  1. Mr. Motorcycle  November 28th

    I’m not sure how to spell that big cat purring growl sound so I’ll just say “meow”.

  2. Motorcycle website marketing  December 1st

    cool pics I used to have aprillia Fabulous one… I miss her

  3. Whiteline  December 2nd

    Now… The bike show is complete! 🙂

  4. Teknikka  December 10th

    . . . and to think, I got a black eye the last time I tried to airbrush a half naked woman . . . 🙂

  5. Niklas  April 21st

    Why are MC babes always dumb looking bimbo types that you’d expect to see wrapped around a pole in some sad place ..? Is that what makes them babes..? I wouldn’t wannt be cought in my sleep with one of those. I mean, OK if you’re a Harley rider, this is probably what you like …

  6. Jesper  April 21st

    Woa! Niklas, way to go on the generalizing. So much in such few words, you’re a regular Shakespeare.

    Around here people who express nothing but anger and prejudice are the ones we respect the least.

    Here we respect people for their choices. If you ride a race bike or a cruiser or if it’s a jap og a brit, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you ride what you want to ride and understand that’s what other riders do as well.

    Of course we can disagree, in fact it’s encouraged. Everyone appreciate a good discussion around here. But when you fall back to just calling people names, you’re just too dumb to play.

  7. Portogear  July 8th

    you post such a good post.

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